Fallout 4 Is Driving Everyone Insane

Fallout 4 Is Driving Everyone Insane

Few games drive as much breathless fever as Fallout 4, the game that everyone assumes Bethesda Game Studios is currently making. And few games have driven people so crazy.

Maybe it's because people fell in love with the tone and scale of Bethesda's excellent Fallout 3 and their follow-up, the instant-classic Skyrim. Maybe it's because Bethesda has been so quiet about their plans for the fourth Fallout, only hinting and teasing at a follow-up in press interviews over the past three years. Maybe it's because we're all desperate for a big, grand, post-apocalyptic RPG to play on our current-gen consoles. Probably it's all of the above.

This Fallout 4 fever is legit, though, and it's extended well beyond garbage fake websites. Today, for example, the world freaked out not over some big trailer leak or special announcement, but because someone put the words "Fallout 4" in their Linkedin profile.

No joke. All sorts of reputable gaming websites ranging from IGN to PCGamer rushed to report this news — that some poor, hopefully-not-fired artist at the Guillermo del Toro-helmed Mirada Studios had listed "Fallout 4 cinematic trailer" on their public Linkedin — because the world is just that desperate for morsels of information on this game.

Then, in a hilarious and Konami-like move, Mirada Studios started frantically e-mailing gaming websites and asking them to take down the news, which itself was the perfect confirmation that this is the real deal. What should be a non-story became one of today's biggest events thanks to the Streisand Effect. (Nice job, Mirada.)

Fallout 4 Is Driving Everyone Insane

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What we do know, outside of Linkedin creeping and speculation, is that Fallout 4 is most likely real, and chances are high it will be revealed next month at Bethesda's big E3 press conference on Sunday, June 14. At this point the only question is whether the world can last that long.


    Only 1 more month to find out *knees tucked in, rocks backwards and forwards*

      *sits down next to you, tucks knees in, rocks back and forth together*

      Cmon Fallout 4....

      Cmon Fallout 4....

        *sits down as well,tucks knees in,rocks back and forth and repeats"War.War never changes" on endless loop*

        *sits down next to both of you, tucks knees in, rocks back and forth*

        Please don't be crap...

        Please don't be crap..

          *sits down next to all 3 of you guys, tucks knees in, rocks back and forth*

          Please don't he broken...
          Please don't be broken...

        Sits down next to everyone...

        "I don't know what we're doing, but I don't want to be left out"

      And then comes the agonizing wait for it to actually release.

        As long as there's any form of confirmation about it and a date to book a week off work then I'll be happy.

          And then comes the agonising news about the highly overpriced season pass lol

            At least Fallout & Elder Scrolls DLC is substantial (horse armour not withstanding).

            Extremely optimistic fingers crossed that whatever crazy superdupermart special edition is announced will come with a season pass

            Last edited 12/05/15 5:34 pm

              Yep, was actually having this very discussion with a mate a while back, Bethesda has a proven track record of supplying the exact sort of DLC that actually deserves purchasing.

          Until the inevitable, lamented-but-lauded decision to delay it. "We'd rather release a good game than a broken game."
          "BUT I BOOKED TIME OFF!"

    Ah just imagine if they decide to make an MMO instead that is a step backwards in storytelling, leveling, graphics and gameplay.

    Could you imagine...


      There was a planned fallout mmo so it could be the case. F2P MMO with optional* cash shop.

      *option is to continue playing past the first level a monthly subscription must be paid

        I think after Elder Scrolls Online they'd be re-evaluating whether or not it's worth the hassle.

    After getting really into State of Decay the past few weeks I'll be disappointed with anything that's not a AAA ultra polished version of the same concept using Fallout instead of zombies. So yeah, have fun living up to that one Bethesda.

    I'm super keen, just as long as it isn't so brown/grey. I know, it's a wasteland. I get that. It'd just be nice if if was partially green in places or something. Just... Something colourful.

      Well, there was a green part in Fallout 3.

      A horrible, emotionally scarring part.

        And the default HUD. I preferred blue myself though, and orange for New Vegas.

    Im not hyping my self up unless i hear that obsidian is working with bethesda on fallout 4. Fallout 3 was good and all, but New Vegas was just such a vastly superior product and after how bland skyrim was i really dont have any hope in bethesda even trying to make fallout 4 as good as New Vegas

      I prefer 3, plus it also had far less bugs.
      Also, Obsidian's original Fallout 3 from the 90's would have killed the franchise if finished and released.

        actually NV had the exact same amount of bugs that fallout 3 had if not less due to not being attached to G4WL. Bugs were also only pointed out in reviews because it was developed by obsidian not bethesda, even though bethesda was incharge of Q&A and the bugs that were in NV were existing bugs with gamebyro/creation engine.

        Then theres also the fact that NV was made in 15months and contained so much more than fallout 3 with a much better story (the budget wasnt blown on just one voice actor like 3 was) and greatly improved every area that fallout 3 built. Im not saying that Fallout 3 was terrible, its not but in this case New Vegas is just so far improved over FO3 that you have to be blind to not see the difference.

        Next compare NV and FO3 to Skyrim and the lessoned learn with FO3 and NV werent even implemented into Skyrim. ( perks were bland story was just terrible, companions were just glorified packmules.) I just cant trust Bethesda to do a decent job with fallout 4 unless they swallow their pride and ask for obsidian to help

          That's weird. Not all versions must've been G4WL, because I never encountered that abomination on my copy...

            G4WL was eventually removed from fallout 3, but when it was first shipped it came with it ( it was also why the DLC was released on PC and Xbox at the same time while only playstation users had to wait)

            it was with New Vegas that bethesda then moved over fully to steam

            Last edited 12/05/15 5:24 pm

    You guys all know its going to be based in Australia right?


      Fallout 4: Struggle Street

      I can't wait to unlock all the 'Big [Plant/Animal]' safehouse/secret government bunker locations! The Big Pineapple! The Big Banana! The Big Merino!

    First rule of Fallout 4 club...

      Freak out at the first sign of a sniff of a morsel of news of Fallout 4...

        .... Then have all hopes crushed at the revelation that its a fake, the some soulless, hateful minion of the DEVIL himself! Has leaked. Or do we not talk about that??

    I want it so much I'd even preorder it.

      Woah, woah, woah... let's not get crazy now.

      Remember what (I've demanded) is taught in school:
      "If you pre-order... the terrorists publishers win."

    Obsidian aren't writing it; not going to be as good.

    Fallout 4
    Fallunder 4
    Fall out 3

    HALF LIFE 3 IS CONFIRMED????????????????? (sorry that was really a strech :( )

    Today, for example, the world freaked out not over some big trailer leak or special announcement, but because someone put the words “Fallout 4″ in their Linkedin profile.

    No joke. All sorts of reputable gaming websites ranging from IGN to PCGamer rushed to report this news

    What's with the mocking tone? Kotaku has a long history of using linkedin as a source to publish rumours/stories. Almost all of those stories from Superannuation had something to do with Linkedin.

    Last edited 12/05/15 3:50 pm

    I'm still waiting for the real Fallout 3.

    Yes, I'm that guy.

      you mean you never played New Vegas? seriously thats as close as you're going to get to Van Buren

        I think like story and element wise, NV is the logical replacement to F3/Van Buren, but if he means by gameplay (isometric, turn-based), then wouldn't that be Wasteland?

          yes and no would need pillars and wasteland to merge then it would be the true fallout 3

      Wasteland 2 didn't do it for you?

        Yeah, it did. It just didn't say "Fallout" on the title screen :-)

    I can't take too many more Fallout 4 hoaxes.

    It's... too much.

    Feeling sorry for the poor dude/chick who put that on their profile! Can wave goodbye to that job! lol

    Fallout 4 is the Fallout 4-eyest Fallout 4 to ever Fallout 4.
    Is this article written purely to game SEO?
    Fallout 4.

    So over the next 6 months we will get a teaser image then a teaser trailer then a teaser for slightly bigger trailer then a teaser trailer for the slightly bigger trailer, then a teaser trailer for the full trailer, then a full trailer which will tell us it is coming in 6 months.

    Time to get me another 3000 Sandman kills mwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa....!

    Maybe it will be Free-2-Play, and you have to pay 99c to load your game. And all of the mods will cost money. And it will be online. And you will be banned permanently for using the mods you payed for.

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