Footage From Suicide Squad Set Shows The Joker Backhanding Harley Quinn

Footage from Suicide Squad Set Shows the Joker Backhanding Harley Quinn

Well you didn't think the Clown Prince of Crime was going to be all lovey-dovey, did you? He's not that kind of clown.

The clip above — from what looks like surreptitiously shot video — purports to be from the set of David Ayers' upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which assembles a bunch of DC Comics villains for a big black ops mission . There's not real audio but you can see Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's Joker talking, kissing and, um, not-kissing. The slap in the video seems to hint that the dysfunctional nature of these two villains' romance will be intact in the movie.

Update: The footage has since been pulled offline at the request of Warner Bros.


    finally a good reason for a gif and video in the same post When the vid gets taken down so soon after posting

      Better would be to cache the video locally.

    I admit to not knowing a lot about the comics, but it looks to me that it's not Harley Quinn. By that I mean she's not in costume, so I'm assuming she's Dr. Harleen Quinzel and hasn't become Harley Quinn yet.

      Well... Joker isn't wearing a purple suit either.

      I don't read many Batman comics, but didn't she become Harley as soon as she busted him out of Arkham?

      If she's in the Suicide Squad she's turned to a life of crime and become Harley Quinn.

        Could be a flashback... could be them working undercover to case a place/tail someone.

    Queue Tumblr rising up about violence against women and they should change the movie and Harley should be the main hero

      Fair point though - a Harley and Poison Ivy movie would be really rad.

    Does it look like he's straddling her at the end and undoing his pants? :/

    This kind of violence against women portrayed in a positive light by the patriarchal media is positive proof of institutional sexism.

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      This is a movie about villains forced by the good guys to do their dirty work on the threat of death. You expect them to behave well while doing it?

        No - portrayal of violence against women - in any situation - sets a terrible example for our kids. It's saying "this is okay, as long as it's a girl"

          This is exactly right! and harry potter taught me it's okay to lock little magical boys up beneath a staircase! Movies are the best...

          Right. Joker murders however many people in The Dark Knight, and that's perfectly fine because they're men, but he backhands one girl in a movie trailer and that's where you draw the line?

          Movie's showing evil characters doing evil acts doesn't glorify them... that's like saying any movie showing nazis murdering jews is glorifying the holocaust.

          1) You're saying you will let kids watch this movie?
          2) Violence against women is bad but it's ok for males to be enslaved and exploited?

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