GOG, The Place To Go For All Your Classic Star Trek Gaming Needs

Oh my, the nostalgia gauges are running high! Back when games based on the Star Trek franchise were unbelievably good, we had the likes of 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites to keep us warm at night. Starfleet Academy wasn't quite up there with its successor, Klingon Academy, but at the time, it was a close as you could get to piloting a Federation starship. And now... you can do it all again.

GOG might have diversified in recent years, supporting more independent developers and AAA studios, but it's still dedicated to resuscitating older games. The latest batch contains three of the more memorable Star Trek-themed titles: point-and-click adventures Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgement Rites, along with the live-action Starfleet Academy.

With the full-motion video era of games well and truly behind us, the last of those games certainly looks a bit spotty, but Anniversary and Rites stand up surprisingly well. If you'd like to pick them up, each title is about $7.79 Australian, or $US5.99. I reckon that's fair pricing, even just to have a crack at the Kobayashi Maru.

Star Trek premieres on GOG.com [GOG]


    Saw this the other day, so keen! I'm waiting and hoping they eventually get access to Elite Forces 1 and 2, as i've always wanted to play them but couldn't be stuffed buying them off Ebay =)

    That and i want another shot at Klingon Honor Guard (if they get it) as that game was awesome!

    Oh please bring Star Trek Generations - it never really did work properly on anything after Win98, lol.
    Ah Elite Force, I have them on disc, I wonder if they'll work on Win8 - enjoyable stories, might have to revisit!

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