Got Netflix? Like Video Games? Watch All Of These Things

Got Netflix? Like Video Games? Watch All Of These Things
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Today I was scrolling through Netflix, planning what I may or may not watch over the weekend. Turns out there’s a lot. And a lot of things that are video game specific. If you have Netflix in Australia, and you like video games? You should watch all of these things.

Atari: Game Over

A nice, short documentary on ET and the video games crash that took place in the early 80s.

Need for Speed

Go on. You know you want to.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

I watched the first 10 or so minutes of this. It wasn’t terrible.

Indie Game: The Movie

I liked this. A lot. Your mileage may vary.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is the best. Best episode: The Work Outing.

Orphan Black

Not sure if there’s any real link to video games, I just want more people to watch Orphan Black.

Pokémon: Black & White

I have no idea if this is good. But it’s Pokemon, right? Right?

Tron: Legacy

Got some seriously mixed reviews, but it looks fantastic.

Escape from New York

It’s dated pretty terribly and Carpenter’s best movie is easily The Thing, but this is still cool.


Gravity is probably the closest thing to a video game you’ll ever see in movie form.

The Raid 2

I actually haven’t seen the second one yet, but the first was off the charts.

Space Dive

This documentary is great and I’m always trying to get more people to watch it. Super intense. Super good.

Pacific Rim

Hard to argue with a giant robot using a train as a baseball bat. Dumb as a bag of hammers.


Dredd is rad. Watch Dredd. It had no right to be good, and then it was good.

Did I miss anything? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.


  • I will +1 Orphan Black. My wife put it on in the background and I had every intention of ignoring it and continuing to browse the net on my laptop. took me 3 days to watch all of season 1 and some of Season 2 🙁 – I’m hooked.

    (FYI: Wifey is yet to finish S01)

      • Best show I’ve ever seen in my life. So well written, well filmed and amazingly acted. Cannot believe the quality of every single episode.

    • Orphan Black is amazing! Tatiana Maslany is so talented. Every episode is great. Everyone should watch it.

      • I was so engrossed in the show, I got near the end of S01 before it suddenly dawned on me what a huge task it must be for the actress to star as nearly all of the main characters in the show. Phenomenal acting

    • I’ve watched 4 episodes. If I’m not hooked now, should I keep watching?

      My girlfriend introduced the show to me, and I kinda want to have a shared activity with joint interests, hoping I can like this show even though I’m finding the characters a little… two dimensional.

  • I pretty much just watch House MD at the moment. A lot of what you listed here are I’m my list, though. I’ll get around to them all… Eventually.

    • Hahaha, my girlfriend and I are doing exactly the same. Heaps to watch, but just slowly working our way through House.

    • Oh man, I just finished watching House!

      Great stuff, so happy I never watched it till the end as a young teen, Got to enjoy this show as if it were brand new.
      I felt myself waning between season 2-3, but it picks back up don’t worry 😛
      That and I feel like I have a direct empathetic connection with Greg House as a character.
      His view on the world, his way of dealing with people who will happily let themselves die over simple philosophies. I can recognize when he’s being a jerk, or taking it too far.
      But I dunno. House man. Cool. Dude.

  • I tried watching Video Games: The Movie a couple of months back. But I just couldn’t get through it. Awful.

  • Toward unto Dawn really kicks up after 30 minutes. For a movie based off of a video IP, it does an awesome job

  • Video Games: The Movie is one of the worst things ever made. If you want to watch a documentary where the narrator just reads off the video games wikipedia page then this is for you.

  • I will +1 Raid 2, watched it for the second time on Wednesday night, it’s an Indonesian movie so you need to read subtitles but it is a great movie/great story/lots of blood. Somehow it still manages to be moving and believable even though it’s a big blood bath. Also Great acting, if “Hollywood” had half the caliber in acting some of these guys have we would have much better English movies in general.

    • Definitely! Wife and I went because we won free tickets, so had zero expectation of it being good. Boy were we impressed. Seriously fucking awesome movie!

      That awful, campy, 90’s Versace version needs to be stricken from the record and all copies destroyed, because it does the Dredd name great disservice.

      I really hope they can get enough support to make a sequel, would love to see another movie in this Dredd universe.

      • There’s still talk of a Dredd 2. A plus is that Karl Urban is one of the more vocal endorsers of this happening. Can’t argue with Dredd himself, right!? ☺️

    • Yes, but that doesn’t make it a good reason to watch it… Frankly I’d rather wear a g-string made of a razor wire than watch that stinking piece of shit again.

      • It wasn’t that bad, I thought the concept was interesting and fairly executed even if the story, characters and dialogue were all pretty stupid. I’m not saying it’s a good movie, but it’s not wholly unenjoyable either.

      • I’ve got a spare in the basement if you need to borrow it.
        I won’t need it until the next time anyone suggests watching a Wayans brothers movie.

  • Watched The Raid 2 on Monday night. Equally as awesome as the first one. The fight scenes in both movies are just pure brilliance.

  • I watched Atari while I was off work sick recently, an amazing view into what happened to Atari.

  • My missus broke her ankle 6 weeks ago. Since then it’s just been a case of saying ‘I’m leg disabled’ at every opportunity

    • Yaha! Watched the hell outa that. Finished it within 2 weeks. Moved onto Kill la Kill & knights of sidonia now.. all excellent.

      Hope they load up on alot more anime in the near future.. Attack on titan etc.

  • Yes on Forward Unto Dawn. I think they got the feel of the Halo universe awesomely correct. And should be a blueprint for anyone making a Halo movie.
    Yayus on IT Crowd. That show is absurdly brilliant!
    HELL YES on Orphan Black!! Tatiana Maslany playing each clone and then disguising herself as one of the clones playing another of the clones is mind blowing!
    Yes on Dredd. ‘Nuff said.

  • Two things:

    First, “The Internet” is by far the greatest episode of the I.T. Crowd.

    Second, Video Game High School should be on this list. It’s mostly stupid-funny, but good for a few laughs especially when they throw in heaps of game references.

  • IT Crowd is amazing. It’s written by Graham Linehan, writer of Father Ted and Black Books. If you loved those, chances are you’ll love this.

    I was surprisingly touched and thoroughly enjoyed Indie Game: The Movie. Enjoyed the Super Meat Boy developers the most.

    I just recently finished watching Orphan Black and it’s very enjoyable. It has its flaws but that actress who plays the clones was absolutely brilliant.

    Another suggestion for this list – Battle Royale. I’m sure many of you know of it, but I’d been trying to track that down for years and was pleasantly surprised to see it in the Netflix collection. Good bloody fun.

  • The kids section has an old Super Mario Bros cartoon. Sadly, though, it doesn’t appear to to have that live action guy who sings at the end.

    Or maybe it does. I only watched it for a couple of minutes.

  • Shame this kind of thing is actually useful.

    I’ve taken to searching for 3rd-party search sites to view my Netflix library because the native interface is just so fucking horrendous.

    Any and ALL library systems should always, always, always allow you to browse the entire collection by purely objective variables, such as title or release date.

    Don’t make me guess by genre you bastards, or restrict the number of titles I can see. Let me see ALL of it so I’m not using that fucking abysmal search box and having to see if I can’t see a title because it’s hidden or because it’s not in the library.

    • I found out through a third party website that Guardians of the Galaxy was on Netflix.
      You’d think after watching Daredevil, Capt. America:WS and some Arrow the damn thing would be smart enough to go “Hey, superheroes…how about a sentient tree and talking raccoon?”

    • Just to clarify, I’m not THAT naive, I do think I have a slight inkling as to why Netflix’s discovery system is so fucking horrible and they don’t do a simple A-Z.

      Because human nature being what it is, a significant majority of people will browse through and they’ll start at A and discover quite a few unlikely titles at the start of the alphabet. And they’ll get a fair ways but their curiosity for new things will diminish as they work their way through the alphabet, leaving the ‘undiscovereds’ at the back end less-viewed.

      Why is that a problem? Possibly because I suspect that licencing money goes to the different rights-holders based on how many plays their titles get.

      Ever noticed that even in your own list, nothing is ordered alphabetically?

      It’s fucking stupid by design. They frustrate the shit out of you not because they’re morons who have no clue what a library is or how it functions; they do it to keep your stupid human nature from influencing their licence deals.

      All the same? I don’t care, the library is a travesty, a crime against usability.

      • What gets me is that on the PC once you’ve watched something it disappears from your main page which is absolutely no help when you have kids who like to watch the same thing repeatedly

        • I’ve got the opposite problem. I can’t seem to get things out of my continue watching list. I watched five minutes of an episode of Power Rangers while testing something and for some reason Netflix gave it a higher priority than anything else. I’ve had things fall out of my continue watching list that I want to keep there while a bunch of other stuff just won’t leave. Arrested Development and Daredevil are both sitting there 100% watched, but it still keeps them in the continue watching list while losing track of more recent stuff.
          I should really log in to the website and see if there’s more options there.

          • Same with me on the PS4 app, even having watched 100% of shows they’re still on the continue watching list 🙁

          • Yeah I noticed the Xbox apps (both of them – they’re identical) keep recently watched series at the top

  • Is Scott Pilgrim vs The World on Netflix somewhere? For me that’s the greatest video game movie ever, even though it’s not based on a video game.

    • Love. It.

      One of those ‘What should we watch?’ Movies when we’re bored. That and Nacho Libre .

  • Mythbusters: Video game special should be coming on there soon. They just released a whole heap of new episodes.

    Hope you have a good weekend guys n gals.

    Glad I saw this convo before leaving work, made my day that so many people appreciate these shows and movies.

    One of my worst fears is that Orphan Black will get cancelled.

    • I was kind of burnt out on Stargate when Atlantis first came out, so I never watched it.

      Been watching the crap out of it since getting Netflix, though. I’ve found it a lot more enjoyable than trying to pick up where I left off in SG1.

  • Sword art online and Video game high school before Need for Speed.
    Actually just remove Need for speed completely.

  • Nope. I don’t need any more recommendations at the moment. I’m trying to catch up with the rest of the world by watching Arrested Development.

  • I honestly didn’t hate the Need for Speed movie. I would rank it somewhere in the middle of the F&F series. They didn’t use any CGI and for me it made it more interesting to look at.

  • With Pacific rim, that wasn’t a train. It was an (alarmingly small) oil tanker.

    Besides which, I am still trying to catch up on House of Cards.

  • I’ve been re watching Lost – perfect show for binge-watching

    As for docos, it’s not exactly game related but check out ‘downloaded’ which is about Napster and the impact it had on the music industry

  • While THE RAID is a brilliant balls out action movie, THE RAID 2 : BERANDAL (stands for Thug apparently?) is easily the ‘Godfather’ of asian action movies. It’s epic in scope, doesn’t retread part 1 in any way, is the logical extension of plot elements from the first and makes you care about Rama and what happens to him. Scenes such as the prison yard fight are just simply amazing, while the kitchen fight blows my mind every time. Going back to part 1, makes you feel like you’re watching an amateur movie in comparison after you’ve seen 2. Definitely recommended viewing. Necessary viewing if you love action movies.

  • Just had my daughter watching “Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge” – and it’s full of video game references!

  • My 2 things:

    1. IMO Big Trouble in Little China is the best John Carpenter movie (I couldn’t not say it).

    2. I don’t know how people haven’t seen Raid 2 yet. I know people who enjoyed Raid as a Dredd clone (I accept that some people are vice versa on that) but passed on Raid 2, but it’s a completely different movie. And it turns the violence up by about 1000 and does away with that pussy gun shit. Hammer Girl gives me nightmares, though.
    I also think it’s relevant to video games because it’s basically a ridiculous beat-em-up from the 90s — 1 guy manages to take out a few hundred guys with his bare hands; there mini-bosses and a final boss; and the plot is the barely noticeable vehicle that gets you to the next level.

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