Grim Witcher 3 Money Exploit Leaves Dead Cows Everywhere

Grim Witcher 3 Money Exploit Leaves Dead Cows Everywhere

It's easy to rack up money in The Witcher 3 by slaughtering hundreds and hundreds of bovine.

There are glitches, and there are exploits. This is the latter, as pointed out by YouTuber WhatMyGame. He outlines a quick way to start hoarding cash in a game without very much:

Let's break down how it works.

First, head to where some cows are hanging out at this spot on the map in White Orchard:

Grim Witcher 3 Money Exploit Leaves Dead Cows Everywhere

Next, slaughter the cows! You know, like this:

Grim Witcher 3 Money Exploit Leaves Dead Cows Everywhere


You're looking for cow hides, which can be sold for a pretty profit at shopkeepers nearby. If you meditate for at least two hours, the cows will come back. However, the corpses don't disappear...

Grim Witcher 3 Money Exploit Leaves Dead Cows Everywhere

Repeat this over and over, and you'll be able to afford whatever you want in no time.

Honestly, as tempting as it is, I wouldn't recommend doing this. You're not supposed to run around The Witcher 3 with a bunch of money, and it's more satisfying to earn it from doing cool quests for the people in that world.

Plus, it's not very nice to make a killing field of virtual cows, you jerk.


    I usually farm Honeycombs from Beehives by selling to Tomira the Herbalist. 18 orens per honeycomb. Commiting mass bee genocide lol

      How do you do that? I tried using Aard against a beehive when I was level 2 or 3, and they ended up stinging me to death. I felt like Invader Zim :(

    Well, even today cows are big money.
    Mass-production abbattoir... medieval fantasy style.

      Abattoirs are for meat.
      A tannery is for leather. =P

        Fascinating! You would think they would work together, given their overlap.

          They do, my father used to work at a abattoirs, and they would keep and wash the hides to have them sent off.

          They usually are near each other, but never together.
          Tanneries use some very nasty chemicals that you'd never want near anything you'd put into your mouth.
          I only know this because I'm an engineer and I've worked in a tannery. Trust me, the smell of the chemicals gets in your clothes, hair,'s nasty...

    If only the cows had guns...

      Haha touché! Ps. I still hate that song....

    I feel like someone needs to mod the secret cow level audio from diablo 2 into this.

    This isn't actually useful. The economy in the Game is Simple...merchants have only so much gold and only by certain things...if you exhaust their money selling to them you have to wait several days for them to get money back in order to get any more money from them. The ridiculously menial amounts of money to be had from this makes it tedious. You can get literally hundreds of thousands of coins from just going to Smuggler Caches and Hidden Treasures and selling the contents to Blacksmiths and Armorers throughout the game.

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