GTA Cheater Murders Everyone, Blames It On The Innocent

GTA Cheater Murders Everyone, Blames It On The Innocent

Here is a look at just how ridiculous the cheating situation on GTA Online can become.

The 7th Taco shares absurd GTA footage with us via the following clip. Basically, the entire playerbase inside of this GTA Online game gets instantly murdered by a cheater on the server. But it doesn't end there. The cheater is also framing someone else entirely for the mayhem. Notice how in this footage, you can clearly see The 7th Taco not doing anything malicious, only to then have everyone explode — an event that the game blames on Taco:

"Was in a lobby with a hacker who can apparently kill all players on the map in my name," The 7th Taco wrote on YouTube. "Pretty sure I'll be reported, probably even banned. Figured this is the only thing I can do to possibly clear my name."

Those of you playing GTA Online very well might have come across situations like this one before. It's not new, and you see reports of cheaters killing everyone in a lobby instantly from time to time (here's a very recent one, for example). But seeing it in action like this is something else. There's something particularly brazen about cheating so openly — the cheater has the name fuck rockstar here, for crying out loud! Nevermind the huge explosion stuff, or the gall required to blame someone else for their shittiness. Man.

Here's hoping that Rockstar does something about players like this. I'm constantly reading reports from agitated players who are not having a good time in GTA Online because of the cheating situation, and it doesn't seem to be getting better for them.


    I don't understand how someone would enjoy playing games this way.

      That's the troll mentality.... have fun by ruining it for everyone else.

      As to why... maybe it's boredom, maybe they feed on the tears of others.. who knows.

        I wonder if it could also be a power-trip thing? Although it makes you wonder how sad some people must be that the only time they feel powerful in life is by cheating in a video game.

        There are people who get off on being jerks online. I remember questing with alts in PvP WoW servers and a lvl 70 would just show up to gank you and camp your corpse. That guy has no gameplay reason to be there, he's just there for the power trip.

        Many people get enraged, log onto their mains to reverse-gank or trash-talk on another account, but the most mature thing is to just chill out, maybe go for a run or something because that sad sack is wasting his real-life in the hope of getting a rise out of people online.

      @cffndncr is right. Its the troll mentality. I will never get why ruining other peoples fun is fun.

        It's particularly frustrating because, the way I see it, the free-roam lobby in GTA Online is SUPPOSED to be a troll fest. It's just supposed to be done within the limits of the games standard rules and settings.

        If I get my fun by going around and shooting everyone, blowing up their cars, baiting their driveways with proxies etc. There is still a challenge in doing. AND, anyone getting the shits too much with it can just switch to impassive mode.

        The trolling is fine! The cheating in order to do so is deplorable....

          I wish that they went the RDR route and seperated the community into pvp and pve.

          That way youd still get your fun and I wouldn't have to deal with trolls.

            who knows, they probably will in further updates.
            im the same as @cardinal7477
            i love a bit of mischief, within the confines of the game.
            the other day i was set upon by a guy who kept targeting me and i was getting a bit rage-y, but then i started to make a comeback and in the end the guy said thanks for the fun, and when i thought about it, it was lots of fun, trying to best each other and bait each other.

              Well the game has already been out for over a year and a half. I'm not sure that they want to seperate the community any more, as they already amalgamated the Bad sports group back in. As far as I know the only seperation right now is the cheaters pool vs the rest of us.

            I think that's what passive mode is (haven't tried it, so I can't confirm). Gives you access to missions, etc. but you can't be killed

      The thing about arseholes is that they are aresholes. If you're not one of them you'll probably never understand.

        Well, yes and no. If you've ever played Dota, there is a hero called Techies who's job is basically to be an asshole and ruin the game for the enemy team. I love techies - he's all about mind games and just generally being an asshole.

        I get that. As others have pointed out, being a dick within the normal game mechanics can be fun! However, cheating in order to do it is something different - at least in the course of a normal game you can get a chance to be a dick yourself, but when you are against a cheater you have no hope of ever getting even.

    i played on a server the other day with a hacker who could clear the server. but after doing it once everyone ganged up on the guy (lvl 9) and he whipped out a minigun. each bullet that came out of the mini gun would a) kill you and b) spawn a $40,000 bag of cash.
    passive mode on, and get rich running around ensued.

      Got harassed by some douchebag with infinite ammo and an rpg the other night; passive mode on, walked past him flipping the bird.

      you can get banned for spending that money. you're better off sending a ticket in and saying "hey a hacker gave me all this money, help"

        Was about to say that^. Good point. I still remember when the hacking/cheating was rife on the PS3 and you used to be able to 'give' players money. One bloke joined the lobby, put 10 Billion, yes Billion, into everyone's bank accounts and then left.... About a week later, I logged in to find I was 10 Billion out of pocket. I agree with them taking, because the whole point is to earn it, and earn the unlocks that become available with rank.

    Dedicated server shards would solve this issue, admins can just ban these idiots.

      I have been a Battlefield server admin for many years across different games. And whilst it can be incredibly frustrating, it can be worthwhile when getting rid of trolls/hackers/cheaters/bad sports etc. is needed.

      However, in a game like GTA V, I feel I would rage too much. hat's the honest truth. When you're trying to get something done, have fun fooling around with friends, get the military jet fighter etc. and someone starts ruining that, then what? They get kicked? Banned? In Battlefield, if you join my server to just dick around, and not play the game, and it disturbs others, you should be removed. In GTA Online, part of the point of the game is freedom. The freedom TO dick around for example.

      Would be WAY too hard to admin a GTA Online server imho. I think that the real abusers would quickly become the admins, not so much the cheaters.

    has this been confirmed? could be tagged to the insurance company when he dials, explosions only start then. the hacker 'fuck rockstar' was invisible but the vid shows the event of the phone to insurance first - then respawn kills via explosions

    This is why I often play on private servers with my friends.
    So frequently there's someone who is functionally invincible but can lay waste to any and all.

    I wish they would follow the same path as Battlefield for example. There are 'un-ranked' servers whose sole purpose is to allow everyone to have every unlock and kind of do what they please. Of course, the second you leave these servers, everything you may have achieved will be lost. They should provide people a place in which you can do whatever you want that simply doesn't save your progress. The hackers/cheaters should then be relegated to this place.

    Yup this exact thing happened to me here is a video showing the cheater Sneakysnake911.

    I do agree with most of what you said, but i think basic admin would still solve this problem, with only the ability to kick or ban players. Something I just thought of that could also work is a vote to kick system. Yes, there might be some abuse but it would certainly be less painful that having to put up with hackers.

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