GTA V Mod Causes Tsunami, Drowns Los Santos (Again)

GTA V Mod Causes Tsunami, Drowns Los Santos (Again)

GtaGamer222 has made a mod that does pretty much as advertised: it covers Los Santos in water, so much so that only the very highest parts of the city and surrounding countryside have escaped the deluge.

Here's a video by GtaGamer222 running around and piloting a sub:

While here's a good one by MkElite that's got a lot of first-person action, as well as a look at what happens when you change the weather conditions.

If this looks familiar, that's because a very similar mod was made for the console version of the game. Not sure that one could spawn giant whales in downtown, though.

Time to add this to the game's custom soundtrack:


    You could have a more realistic Los Santos/ Los Angeles representation with the drought mod.

    I had a water level editor for the first SA and it was pretty rad. This'd be awesome to experience, too!

    Oh my, massive props for the TOOL ref!

    This would make for a great waterworld mod, having it so the NPC also spawn on the top in variety of settlements and such. Ad in raiders on jet-skis, completely doable, IF MODDING WAS ALLOWED AND SUPPORTED. (atm you pretty much haft to hack shit to get anything done, not pretty and not online safe at all.)

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