GTA V Mod Overhauls Police, Calls In The Army

GTA V Mod Overhauls Police, Calls In The Army

The wanted levels in GTA V kind of suck. You’ve got a police force that is half-psychic, half robocop. When you hit max stars, there are no tanks anymore. What gives?

Enter modders. The Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement mod, as shown in this video by The XXI, reworks the entire crime system in GTA. Really, the mod seems to make the entire game much better in my opinion. For instance, the mod makes it so that if you commit a crime without any witnesses, then you get no stars. It also means that if you manage to kill everyone at the scene of the crime before they call 911, you’re golden. And if you use silencers, they’re actually silent. Furthermore, animals do not report crimes anymore, making stealthy crime an actual option. That’s the way the game should work, really.

In addition to this, the mod tweaks the AI so it’s not as efficient a murder machine as it typically is — cops, army, and gangmembers are less accurate than normal. Some of that police force will also be women. In general, the police force will have a more varied weaponry and adjustments that make the game feel challenging, but not unfair.

The progression system of the wanted levels is different, too. In this mod, it goes police > tougher police > swat team > FIB > the motherfuckin’ army. That means you can look forward to being chased by tanks and intense aircrafts after going on a murder spree, as one does in GTA.

You can download the mod here, if you’d like.


  • Having not played GTA V, what the HECK were the police like without this mod? It seems ridiculous and dumb to *not* have it this way.

    • Yeah I have always wanted that nature of it to come back, and be enhanced in obvious ways like this mod does… but both the murder sprees and killing of witnesses ties into the whole “kill trainer” anti-game theory. These aren’t necessarily mechanics that you want to become part of the negative description of the game – like the whole prostitute killing thing was used. So perhaps they are avoiding some elements of realism and detail in the mechanics of crime. It looks beautiful, but it has arcadey logical shortcuts in many of the mechanics. These are safer.

      I think if you want to make the police really interesting in the next GTA, make them playable online. Make the mechanics less about blips on minimaps and more about observing the world and spotting things out of the ordinary. Listening to your radio. Criminals would have a real foe to contend with and would have to sometimes act normal, drive normal so that they wouldn’t be spotted… and then run like crazy when they are. 911 calls would go directly to police radio. Criminals would find that sometimes they might want to dress in genuine disguises to blend into a crowd. Or if they they want to be an ostentatious crazed criminal, they can wander downtown in a mankini firing an uzi too and face the (admittedly fun) consequences. If someone wants to be the GTA equivalent of the joker they should be able to do that, and if someone wants to be the brave cop who took that bastard down, they could do that too.

      I reckon that would be a good GTA.

      • OK I am on a roll. Gives me the idea that you could then make it so a criminal had to be spotted committing the crime before you could do anything. Just because you spot a human criminal player as a cop, doesn’t mean you can just shoot them. So this would provide an obvious mechanic for undercover cops. Police players in plain clothes who must act all casual (like an AI) and tail suspects, observe crimes. Then the cop can move in, use force.

        You could feasibly also be a crooked cop. Like if you commit crimes and get away with it, you are still a cop. Vic Mackey style. If you screw up too much, maybe your character gets kicked off the force and has to become a criminal character. Criminal records should matter and be ongoing as well. Perhaps less attachment to a single characters development so that you have the opportunity to try different things. I’d love to see a GTA quality world with something like that.

    • It’s not as bad as people make out, not in the least.

      My guess is the army response was removed because it didn’t make sense, regardless of past usage. Why would the army get involved with a single individual when the police presence is enough to deal with anyone?

      I would like to see the army appear though, perhaps in DLC where martial law is called, it would fit the world of GTAV quite well.

  • Police behavior is a bit tedious, looking forward to giving this a try.

  • Yay! I mentioned my desire for this mod to happen back on the “Hidden 6 Star Wanted Level” article.. I knew someone would get the mod done eventually.. it’s just odd that Rockstar didn’t do it themselves.. as a freeplay unlock after the main story was over, for example…

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