GTA V Mod Unlocks 30 Different Special Hidden Areas

GTA V Mod Unlocks 30 Different Special Hidden Areas

There are some areas of GTA V that you were never meant to see or visit. Good thing mods don’t care about rules.

NewTheft has footage of a GTA “All Interiors” mod, which lets players visit locations that were cut from the game, or only accessible via missions. This includes stuff like special offices, police stations, clubs, and other recreational areas — many of which are populated by actual pedestrians. Better yet, the mod points out all these hidden areas on your map, so you can visit them with ease.

Take a look:

If this sounds up your alley, you can download it here. Alternatively, here’s a full list of all the interiors that this mod includes:

1. LifeInvader offices

2. Tequi-la-la

3. Sandy Shores sheriff department

4. Paleto Bay sheriff department

5. Lazlow’s stadium

6. Cluckin Bell factory

7. Bahamas Mamas West nightclub (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)

8. Comedy club (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)

9. The O’Neil farmhouse

10. The “Humane Labs”

11. FIB building bottom floors

12. FIB building floor 49 (access through first elevator)

13. FIB building burnt out floors 47 – 53 (access through second elevator)

14. Hospital

15. Epsilon storage room

16. Lester’s sweatshop

17. Jewellery store

18. Building under construction beside jewellery store

19. Lester’s house

20. Franklin’s aunt’s house

21. Janitor’s apartment

22. Foundry

23. Recycling plant

24. Meat packing facility

25. Simeon’s dealership

26. Torture building

27. Morgue (so you teleport in by standing at the front doors)

28. Madrazo’s ranch (doors open, but R* put an invisible wall there : )

29. Floyd’s house

30. Devin Weston’s chop shop

31. Omega’s lab

32. Paleto Bay bank


  • That Bahama Mama’s looks like a really cool interior. I haven’t finished it yet, I’m guessing that was part of a cutscene? If not, perhaps Rockstar should add it to the game. I could see a lot of fun being had there.

  • Im suspecting a lot of these may be holdover assets for upcoming singleplayer dlc or online dlc possibly?

    • A dlc 3 years after release? Seems very unlikely.

      Edit sorry I meant single player dlc. As a heist maybe?

      • They did say they were planning single player dlc? They may have just put it off for the pc edition to come out, then work on it all. After all, remember when heists were due to come out just after the games initial release :O (it’s also not even 2 years since release 😉 sep 2013)

      • People complain about DLC upon release and DLC shortly after release – why not complain about DLC a few years after release, too?

  • Err so all the areas you access from certain missions. Hardly hidden.. Considering they’re only there for missions and cut scenes.

  • I hope future games have more accessible interiors, is one thing that V seemed to have less of than previous entries.

    • Even just simple things like fast food restaurants, dinners and the like. I want more!

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