Guy Beats Bloodborne Without Healing

Guy Beats Bloodborne Without Healing

Bloodborne players continue to amaze us with their ridiculous gaming feats.

CraddocAtTwitch is a player that has managed to beat most of the major Bloodborne bosses while at the lowest possible level in the game, without healing, and without guns. Really.

These were his stats going in — you can clearly see that his HP bar is absolutely minuscule. Not that this stopped him from demolishing the game:

Guy Beats Bloodborne Without Healing

Watch as he defeats Gehrman, one of the optional final bosses in the game without ever using a blood vial in the video below. Just this fight alone apparently took over 20 hours to figure out according to CraddocAtTwitch, nevermind all the other bosses included in this run:

Beating him took learning every part of Gehrman’s moveset, as well as learning when to close in and punish Gehrman for over-committing. It also requires a ton of calculated side-steps:

Basically just learn to dodge all his movesets, it’s not easy. On p1 I punished him with leap attack after his charge attack, also when he did the 1-3 hit combo, I punished him with 1 hit. Do this till p2 starts.

P2 is trickier, just dodge everything to your right, punish him with sidestep hits, double sidestep is good too. Try to get him in the loop like I did, by being behind him, hitting and staying behind him whenever he tries to get front of you. When p3 starts, time backstab and do double charge for good dmg.

P3 is hard he gets new moves + both forms of p1 and p2, use same strat as p1 or p2 whichever form hes using. To dodge the 2h tornado, count to 3s when hes in the air and front step.

I was so happy when I got him down! The loop strat is real and self found! 😀

By the time Craddoc lands the finishing blow, he cant help but yell out:

Guy Beats Bloodborne Without Healing

And why not? He’s earned it.

According to Craddoc’s Twitch page, he is still going to aim to beat the Moon Presence. That way, he can say that he’s beat all 17/17 bosses in the game. But considering that he’s already beaten Ebrietas, I have no doubt that its just a matter of time before he accomplishes this. The toughest parts of the game are already behind him.

If you’d like to watch his runs through bosses other than Gehrman, check out this list of videos:

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Rom – Kill Video

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Micolash – Kill video

Wet Nurse – Kill video

Celestial Emmisary- Kill video

Ebritas – Kill video

Amygdala – Kill video

Martyr Logarius – Kill video

Gehrman – Kill video

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