Halo: ODST Is Now Dropping In For Owners Of The Master Chief Collection

Briefly: Players who purchased and played the Xbox One collection before 19 December of last year are starting to get their codes for the remastered ODST campaign. Folks falling outside of that window will be able to purchase the campaign separately for $US4.99 "soon".



    Wow I wasn't expecting that price...

    just bought it. It cost $6.65 in Australia and is 8.1gb for those interested:

    Considering I picked it up for $40 last week, the $6.5* Australian isn't too bad.

    Yeah the game is currently $37 in Target which was an unexpected drop

    Ah ODST. The sequel Halo 3 would have been if it was a sequel to Halo 1 instead of Halo 2.

    ...ya heard me!

    This is still tied with Reach for my favorite Halo title. Massively underrated.

    My wife and I bought two copies of MCC at launch expecting to play through together and relive our Halo 3 multiplayer glory days but the whole thing has been such a mess that I've lost all interest.

    Now thst ODST is out (and I think there's a Reach remaster on the way that MCC-owners will also get free but I might be remembering wrongly) I'm really psyched to get back to my campaign playthrough again.

    I know many people didn't like ODST. But this and Reach were my most fav Halo's of all time. [**shields self from rotten fruit**]

    ODST to me was so atmospheric. Trying to track down your squad and put together what happened. Loved it.

    I guess the master chief stuff doesn't really get to me at all.

      I know there's this sense that nobody liked ODST that much, but honestly I've not spoken to anyone in person or online that didn't like it for those points you listed. ODST was a good game with a strong campaign that really mixed up the formula.

      As @geometrics stated - I've not actually encountered anyone that didn't like ODST. Just most love Reach more. I agree about the atmosphere. That darkened city, the way the story was presented through replaying the events leading up to the various items you encounter.

      I also loved the ODSTs. Was just really nice playing people with character as opposed to personality-of-a-tree-stump Master Chief. They weren't genetically engineered super soldiers, they were just regular (albeit well trained) men and women getting shit done.

      Of course Reach introduced Spartans with personalities, but prior to that, ODST was just a really nice fresh take.

    MCC was such a total disaster I've uninstalled it from my XB1......totally devo, it had such a good chance to be amazing.

    Has the patching etc improved it enough to warrant another install?

      Works fine now, but sadly the online population is low in Australia.

    Wow, $5? Bet all those people who sunk $100 into the master chief collection at launch feel really compensated now, especially considering I could go and get the MCC AND buy the ODST add on for under half the price.

    343 couldn't possibly lose anymore respect from me.

      Well it has been out for the better part of a year now, no surprise that it’s cheaper for people who just bought it.
      I don’t know how many people paid $100 for it anyway...

      Regardless, I don’t see how giving early adopters ODST for free makes the situation any worse. Just because it’s quite good value for everyone else doesn’t mean you’d be getting any less. Short of giving you a full refund, what more could you expect now that the damage is done?

      I’ll be buying the MCC when it gets a price drop on XBL, only for single player though.

        Sure it's been out a while now, but how long has it been working properly? The answer is not very long, and for some people it still isn't. The point is it's very lousy compensation to say: "hey our game has been broken for over 6 months, here have this thing that's worth $5, that should make good, right?"

      Like it says in the "article," it's free for people who bought it before mid December (though the article is more like a subtitle to the picture so I don't blame you for not seeing it)

      edit: scratch that, you're saying that people should be further compensated than a game only worth $5, my bad. There are other in-game things that early adopters got, as well as a new map for Halo 2 Anniversary, but yeah, they could have done a lot more. I get the feeling they'll be announcing something at E3 with regards to this.

      Last edited 01/06/15 10:07 pm

    Can anyone help me with the fact that I still haven't got a notification from 343 that it's available for a free download. I definitely bought and played it before December 19, because I bought and played it day one

    Can someone confirm that this version isn't fucked, and you can actually SEE?

    Can someone confirm actually playing ODST on the xb1 and how. I've installed everything i needed and I don't see an option to play it...

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