Halo Vs Call Of Duty Battle Escalates Quickly

Halo vs Call Of Duty Battle Escalates Quickly

This is great.

This video — which introduces just about every explosion, tribute and gag you could think of between the two blockbuster series — was made by the same team behind that impressive NERF gunfight from last year. In case you were wondering where you'd seen this particular brand of hyper-excited Australian screen violence before.


    Love the Racka Racka guys. Full of crazy with slick video editing skills :)

    Great video.

    Sorry to be nitpicky, aren't Spartans like 2m tall and the armour gives them so much power they could lift cars with ease?

    I'm pretty over their stuff, it was really funny the first few times with GOT and LOTR, Star Wars V Harry Potter and Nerf War.

    But it's just the same stuff over and over again with different characters.

      Tough audience.

        I'm usually really easy to please with this kind of video, but they've been very repetitive and there are only so many times I can hear Danny scream like that.

        They've really done very well with their effects and all. Hopefully they can maybe just try mixing up the script a little.

    I remember being at Tea Tree Plaza when they pulled that old man vs Ronald McDonald fight.

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