Here Are Some Animated Mountains That Will Read Your Tweets

Here Are Some Animated Mountains That Will Read Your Tweets

Twitter is kinda terrible sometimes. It enables people of all types and backgrounds to come together and get really, really angry at each other, and somehow many of us lose hours to the damn thing every day. These talking mountains, though? They brighten the place right up.

In short, Mountains of Mouthness is a bunch of sentient, immobile mountains yelling nonsense at each other. So basically, Twitter.

The mountains automatically suck up any tweet that has #bad in it and spit it out in their silly, echoing tones. If you want to vibrate their cavernous vocal chords more directly, however, you can also send tweets to @MoMouthness, #mountains, or #mouthness. You can access them via your PC or mobile devices, and if you’re on phone or tablet you can explore the environment a little bit.

The main attraction, however, is definitely the mountains themselves, with their craggy buck teeth and endless enthusiasm for even the strangest and most putrid of phrases. The way they pronounce “hashtag mowwwthness” is wonderful, verging on downright smooth.

That said, as with anything where the Internet is able to control it remotely, beware of NSFW language and some downright awful stuff (racial/sexist/ableist slurs, etc). More recently, trolls from Certain Boards seem to have flocked to it, so beware of that as well. But even the trolls occasionally have their moments. One time I listened to the mountains recite a bunch of elaborately written erotica, which was pretty much Peak Internet.

As for more, er, wholesome stuff I’ve encountered, there’s been recited dubstep:

An insane clown prophecy:

Video game references:


I also saw a couple (probably fake) marriage proposals, but I didn’t snap photos of them in time. Oh well.

So yeah, this is A Thing. Part of me wishes it was the default Twitter app. I might be singing a different tune after five more minutes of listening to these increasingly irritating mountain voices, but oh what a five minutes they will be.

Update: Yep, definitely singing a different tune. Oh god my ears.

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  • I just watch a mountain call Professor McGonagle a wrinkly bitch, spelling errors and all. This is my new favourite website.

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