Here Is Some Excellent Box Art

Here Is Some Excellent Box Art

It's Hotline Miami and its sequel, bundled together and sold on the Vita in Japan.



    Here is one example of excellent boxart.

    But seriously is there meant to be more or is it an error? Looks awesome though.

      I really wish there was more Hotline Miami merch. Some super sexy 80s neon on black shirts would be so great.

    Yep, already have it preprdered. A link to a note where you could buy it would have been more professional but oh well.

      Any chance you could share a pre-order link?

        Touche. PlayAsia seems the best choice:

        Notably, this collection is also coming out on PS4.

          After my post I did some research (I'm interested in the Vita version) seems the Vita version has the second game as a DL code and the first game on the card. Weird. I worry the DL code wont work in Australia.

            Oh shit, you serious :( that's the only reason I preordered this thing, so I'd be able to play a region free HM2 on the go. Where's it say its a DL code?

              This listing seems to confirm it:

                Oh bloody hell that is so disappointing :( PlayAsia has NO indication that it is simply a download code and not on the card. Why the hell would they do that? HM2 is available digitally on Jap PSN, so why wouldn't someone there just buy the download? Obviously people are buying this because it's a physical copy! It's not even like it's a space constraint! The original barely takes up 400mb, and HM2 only just over 600. There's no excuse for this! Tweet'd Dennaton, hopefully they have definite answer...

                  I'd appreciate you posting their response here.

                Will notify if they get back to me, doubt it for some reason though.

    And this 'article' is via tweet, so really they're just retweeting into a post?

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