Here's EA's Upcoming (Announced) Line-Up

Briefly: Here's EA's upcoming (announced) lineup for the next year or so. The news? Mirror's Edge is slated for Q4 (January-March 2016), as is a new Plants vs. Zombies game. (Screengrab via EA's presentation for Q4 2015.)


    Mirrors Edge and Battlefront. Neat!

      Strange that two games I thought I'd never see are right there next to each other.

    So I will be waiting until Q2 2016 before I think about buying Mirror's Edge (EA Reboot).

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    Sweet. As soon as Mirror's Edge pops up on Steam I'll grab it straight away!!!

    ...oh wait...

    Damn :(

    A new console Plants vs Zombies game? Interesting.

      I enjoyed Garden Warfare and still go in for a romp every now and again. Not even really a shooter fan.

      If they add some of the plants from PVZ2, with the space and pirate and wild west levels and everything it could be really good.

        Yeah I feel that it will be a sequel to Garden Warfare which is still awesome fun!

    Needs more Skate.

      I’m surprised we’re getting a new Mirrors Edge but not a new SKATE.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with Mirrors Edge, it’s great, I just would have thought that from EA’s perspective a new SKATE would have been a safer bet as far as $’s go.

      How about we all agree to cancel NBA Live 16 and we get SKATE 4 instead?

        Everyone wins if that happens. Cannot believe they continue to fund NBA Live.

    There's a FIFA and Madden comin out this year? Who'd have thunk it?!

    I look forward to completely ignoring the NBA Live series again....

    I think I might be the only one looking forward to another PGA Tour......

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