Here's The Honest Game Trailer For Mortal Kombat X

Take a few minutes to listen to voice-over maestro Jon Bailey rip into NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat X. Yes, it's Honest Game Trailers doing what it does best and I must say, it might be the best one yet.

The meat of the video is about four minutes in length and covers everything from the corny catchphrases ("You got Caged!") to the ability to use bystanders as projectiles (something I was not aware of until just now).

I haven't played the game myself, though I'm not surprised Scorpion is so popular — he and Sub Zero are basically the Ken and Ryu of the Mortal Kombat world.

My favourite part starts about three minutes and 28 seconds in, when we get to see the names of the characters as interpreted by... well, I'm not entirely sure where the alternate titles are sourced from, but it's sufficient to say they're hilarious.

And yes, the Easy Fatality tokens are covered too. How could they not?

MORTAL KOMBAT X (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    I haven’t played the game myself

    You need to fix that.

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