Here's Your Newest League Of Legends Champion

Here's Your Newest League Of Legends Champion

His name's Ekko. He's new. Be nice.


    Classic Kotaku Article. A Gif, a line of text and an embedded YouTube video.

      To be fair this is more systemic to a few authors than all the writers at Kotaku.

        Correct me if I'm wrong... I think this is specific to Luke. But, to his credit, apparently he just posts these to a forum for other Kotaku writers (like an internal 'check this out' message), and someone reposts them for the general public.

          It's not just Luke, I know Ashcroft is another and there's one or two more than create clickbait articles from time to time.

          That said if these are meant for a forum then why repost as an article? =\

            Jesus Diaz, Charlie Chan, Brian Ashcraft, Mike Fahey all do this. Luke is usually really good.

            Last edited 12/05/15 11:06 am

      Well, the upshot is that at least this time the combined file size of the gifs isn't more than the video itself.

      Agreed... Especially since this is a character with an interesting origin. He was originally a fans design on the forums.

    his skills look like weaver from dota..

      I suppose they all borrow ideas off each other, Chronos God of Time in smite does this for his ultimate. (Rewinds 8 seconds in time, restoring lost HP and mana and resets cooldowns)

        To be fair the original weaver in Dota was the initiation of the idea =P But yeah all MOBA's pretty much steal skills off each other, to date HotS is the only one I've played where I've had to re-learn how skills and abilities work.

          Even then there is some cross over, the simplest mechanical cross overs would be season one Alistar > ETC (Full utility tank with no real damage, has displacement aoes with buffs).

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      Sorta. The video looked like he kept the injuries from before the time reset?

      Reminds me more of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

        if so then that's kinda useless...
        unless it can be used during a stun or something.

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