Hey, It's More New Overwatch Footage!

Yesterday I was happy because I got to post about Overwatch, which is a game I'm really excited about. That was a post featuring some pretty cool gameplay and now we have another one!

This time Mercy is the character being showcased. Well worth watching.

The super interesting thing about Overwatch, from my perspective, is that playing as a different character is a genuinely fresh experience. Same goes for watching actually. Different characters do dramatically different things and serve dramatically different purposes in-game.

I think that sounds super cool.

Anyway, I recommend watching, and cranking the settings up to 1080p while you're at it.


    Where am I going to find the time to play both this and Heroes of the Storm? Damn Blizzard.

    I'm seeing a lot of really lame insta-deaths.
    And now that I watch again, I see terrible bottlenecks, repetitive sounds and actually kinda boring gameplay.

    I don't want this game to be bad :(

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      All the issues you mentioned exist in every single game. There are only so many pre recorded voices and sound effect that you are bound to hear the same very frequently

    Somebody call Valve, I think they're missing their Medic... although... boobs. Totally not the wangfest TF2.

    So it's... TF2?

      It's like TF2 mixed with LOL/DOTA. There are >10 characters each with fairly distinct strengths/weaknesses and there are ways in which they've been designed to combine with other characters. Plus, each character has stuff like supers they can use and their seems to be (at least an intent) to make character movement skills, like teleporting, make map strategies vary depending on the game.

      Well yes, but after all the games they have copied blizzard I figure the industry owes them one ripoff.

        I seriously hope you don't believe this

      It's a class-based team shooter. Team Fortress happens to be the most well known of that genre, comparisons are inevitable.

    That is a pretty sweet design.
    Better than genderswap Heavy, although honestly my only complaint with that one was the pink hair cut, and that it was obviously girl Heavy.

    Just me or is anyone else getting that Kerrigan vibe from Mercy.
    Found a few pics on google from yonks ago with the wings and the only difference is the hair color and the color of the wings.

    looks pretty much like "io" from Dota2...

    Edit: her super looks like a "chen" global heal?

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