Hot Pockets Ad Better At Gaming Than Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets Ad Better At Gaming Than Hot Pockets

Last night, the legendary purveyors of bread-and-cheese injection systems at Hot Pockets tweeted a photo of a bro playing a Nintendo 64 while another bro helped him eat a Hot Pocket. The tweet has since been removed from Hot Pockets' timeline. Were they embarrassed about using a dated cultural reference like an N64?

I can't say for sure. Representatives from Hot Pockets and the brand's owner Nestlé were unavailable for comment at press time. What I can say for sure is that the presence of N64 controllers is actually the least embarrassing thing in this advertisement.

Hot Pockets Ad Better At Gaming Than Hot Pockets

Look at the guy in the green shirt. Look at his hands, specifically. The way he's holding the famously hard-to-be-held three-pronged N64 controlling. He actually looks like he knows what he's doing with it. That's more than I can say for most of the people who pose for stock advertorial photos meant to portray anything gaming related.

(Also, let's be honest. If you're in a demographic associated with a) audacious tattoos, b) flannel shirts, and c) people who call each other "bro" either ironically or unironically, it's safe to say that you're also the type of person who stills plays N64 games on the regular. What's really missing from this photo is a giant bong.)

The real sin in this ad, if you ask me, is the way the hot pocket is being eaten. Any self respecting gamer who's indulged in his or her appetite for hot pockets knows that there is only one way to eat these things while remaining tethered to a console. YouTuber Ben Heck showed the world the definitive Hot Pocket-eating tactic back in 2012:

Hot Pockets Ad Better At Gaming Than Hot Pockets

Plus, the bro in the Hot Pockets ad left the crisping sleeve on. Who even does that? The eHow instructions for how to eat a hot pocket specifically says, "Remove the Hot Pocket from the crisping sleeve and set on a plate" as part of the fourth step.


    A hot what now?

    Like a sausage roll or something??

      More like a McDonald's apple pie with pizza inside. Instead of lava.

      There are some things the Americans...well, they just got right!

        I suppose they've never heard of Vegemite

          For some reason (and don't ask me what...cause I LOVE Vegemite) but it doesn't seem to translate overseas. Most aussies love Vegemite...but the best i've heard from an American is that they "tolerate" the taste.

            I'd say some of this could be blamed on the beer they drink over there, vegemite does have a distinctive starchy/beer taste, the biggest selling beers in america are things like BUD, Coors & Miller

            all of these are fairly soft beers compared to what you see around in Pubs in aus Carlton dry,draft,ice. Swan Draft, VB, EB

            They think that things that go on toast have to be slathered on it in 5mm slabs. Vegemite has to be scraped on, like Bob Ross scrapes snow onto a mountain.

            Add to that, their breakfasts are practically desserts. Iced pop-tarts? WTF is that?

              Diabeetus in disguise. America can wage war on terrorism all they want, but the real enemy is in their toasters at 7am.

              Hahaha! So true. I watched that Jimmy Fallon segment where they tried Vegemite recently. They smeared it on like it was nutella and were surprised! I think Vegemite need a new slogan or something..."Vegemite...just a scrape".

    I am always confused as to why stock image models can't hold controllers properly.
    Aren't they fairly intuitive?

    Aren't they just a non-round larger Pizza Pocket that we have here?
    Oh, the burns I got from those little bastards.

      That is what I took them to be, used to live off them for a time lol

    Does that N64 controller not have L/R buttons?

      I know right?

      Are they using some kind of shitty knockoff, or did someone actually go to the effort of photo-shopping them out?

        Thank you for confirming I don't have very specific brain damage resulting in shoulder button blindness. I really felt like I was going crazy when I noticed that. It has an expansion port on the bottom with a proper tab, so even if it's a knock-off it's a knock-off intended for the N64 which means it should have the buttons there. It looks like an official green controller which means it's a photoshop job. Did they just feel the grey buttons drew too much attention from the Hot Pockets? That's seriously the most rational explanation I can come up with.

    I resent the assumption that wearing plaid, having dumb tattoos, using the term bro and playing a 64 means I would also smoke pot. That's gross, dude.

    Are they frozen when you buy them, and then you heat them up?
    If that is the case, isnt it weird that he is trying to feed his mate a frozen snack he just got straight out of the box?

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