Huge Star Citizen Leak Gives Players A Tour Of A Whole Carrier

Huge Star Citizen Leak Gives Players A Tour Of A Whole Carrier

A big part of Star Citizen is the fact that you can earn, unlock (and buy with real cash) certain starships. So it's a big deal when players get a good look at one of the game's prize strarships.

This is a tour of a Bengal, a massive carrier from the upcoming space shooter. See that bridge? Players will actually be sitting there and flying the thing. And landing fighters in that hangar.

If you think the model looks a little janky, there's a reason for that: this carrier was actually leaked. Seems a community manager for the game accidentally left part a URL on a screenshot; someone guessed the rest, and when accessed that URL contained all the assets (almost 50GB of them) for the Bengal. So some folks grabbed them and put them up on torrents, and it didn't take long for fans with knowledge of CryEngine to cobble them together into the video above.


    *chants* in Chris we trust

    Seriously everything about this game looks amazing... Even my currently bugged Freelancer looks incredible! CAN'T WAIT FOR SQUADRON 42!!!!

    It's looks amazing.

    Got me thinking though: Where should we draw the line between ambitious and overzealous?

    I'm not knocking the developer at all, it's incredibly tantalising that they intend to pull out all the stops, technologically. It's just that it got me thinking about the possible pay offs/ pro's and cons of real time vs 'fake' for gaming in general. (And even the signs of diminishing visual returns to an extent) Would it make that big a big difference in-game, all considered?

    All those polygons for example that could be hight mapped/ bump mapped for the same look but better performance. Don't get me wrong, it looks absolutely incredible and it's a tantalising look at the possible future.

    Just look at this gen, because of the large memory pools available, we are seeing a little bit of a push back to baked assets (cube maps etc) and even forward rendering as opposed to 'real time all the time'. It's almost like a, fascinating, nerdy game of table tennis. Any one else find it interesting?

    Anyway, back on topic. Looks incredible.

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      As a backer of Star Citizen, i do agree. At times i feel their project is over ambitious.

      There are days where i sit back in my Super Hornet in my hangar and wonder how will this all come together. I marvel at the cockpit design, the ship design, but then try to factor it in a consistent world where everything is happening at once. My mind tells me they will in the final release scale everything back in graphics and fidelity. I try to comprehend the amount of computing power this needs. At times I have my doubts. Then there are days where i totally believe.

      I don't know how this trip will end. But at least I am enjoying the ride for now. Sometimes having dreams is good enough. There is a chance Star citizen may not be successful in the end, but i am certain it will encourage other developers to go the distance. I think that is what we need. More people with dreams. The more dreams that are being created, the higher chance for one of those dreams to break through. In this aspect I have put my faith in Star Citizen.

        I think the plan is that by the time its finished todays GTX 980 will be an ancient low end card so it should run fine.

          Yeah, if it is ever released and is working, I'll eat a banana.

    A big part of Star Citizen is the fact that you can earn, unlock (and buy with real cash)

    Please correct this, it's incorrect. What we've been told so far is the real cash purchases will go away once the game is released. The purchases (or pledges) at the moment are in no way a binding sale, you're contributing to the development of the game... There's still the chance the money will run out and the game will flop... But that's an entirely separate issue.

      If the money ran out at this point and production ground to a halt, at 70+ million, I think Roberts would end up drummed out of the business forever.

    Still not the Caty.

    By Drake was my space penis made, with rows upon rows of angry marine sperm ready to impregnate any silly sea faring wench not smart enough to have escort.

    It does look great and all that.. don't get me wrong. I am an original KS backer but I've grown tired of the constant release of new ships for cash things happens on an almost weekly basis.. more money for the game, great.. better game, great.. just tired of it.

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