I Hate Cinematic Trailers, But... The Witcher 3

Things I hate #41: 'cinematic' trailers that bear little-to-no resemblance of the video game they are supposed to be advertising. Case studies: Halo, Assassin's Creed, Bloodborne, Splinter Cell.

Now The Witcher 3. But I'm going to give it a pass because The Witcher 3.

That might seem a little unfair, but hear me out here. We already know The Witcher 3 looks great, because bloody hell, CD Projekt RED hasn't been shy about putting live footage of its game out there. Quite the opposite. This isn't a case of a studio trying to get us excited about vapourware, or a game in the process of being built. This is a studio putting something out something that's pure fan service because they know fans want another reason to get hyped.

Also marketing.

But yeah, I feel less angry about this one.


    Very pretty :-)


    I keep willing Royal Mail to go faster. I imagine that my copy is somewhere between London and Sydney right now, and getting closer with every passing second.

      You copy is despatched!?!?!? Mine is from amazon uk and it's gonna take awhile

        Yep. Ozgameshop put it in the post on 13/5. If I'm lucky I'll get it on or possibly a day before release day, but could be up to a week after that, going on past experience. Gives me a chance to finish up Bloodborne and GTAV.

          I'm thinking of cancelling my uk copy and just keep my au copy when it launches. I can't bear to wait 2 weeks for it lol.

    Can we all just agree that we need a Witcher TV series, that would be awesome

      As I understand it there is a Polish one for years ago.

    Trailer left a feeling much like the blizzard of old did. Not only phenomenal CGI but the subtle remarks about the witcher being the real monster (perspective is everything). Very cool

    Coming May 19th Witcher 3 The wild Downgrade for Playstation 2


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    Just a question, it says min specs need an i5 3.2ghz chip. I've got an i5 3.1ghz chip. Would that still be an issue?...

    Last edited 15/05/15 9:29 pm

      Nah, shouldnt be to much of an issue, just dont push your CPU to hard with extra stuff in the background if u go high settings.

    What kind of moron hates cinematic trailers???

    It's called a CINEMATIC trailer for a reason. You know, to differentiate it from that other trailer type, the GAMEPLAY one.

    Seriously, some of the trailers going around are works of art to rival anything that's out there. I'm not sure what sort of Gen Y hipster douchebag doesn't like this stuff, but may I suggest that perhaps you should be looking for a different field of work?

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