I Hate Cinematic Trailers, But… The Witcher 3

Things I hate #41: ‘cinematic’ trailers that bear little-to-no resemblance of the video game they are supposed to be advertising. Case studies: Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Bloodborne, Splinter Cell.

Now The Witcher 3. But I’m going to give it a pass because The Witcher 3.

That might seem a little unfair, but hear me out here. We already know The Witcher 3 looks great, because bloody hell, CD Projekt RED hasn’t been shy about putting live footage of its game out there. Quite the opposite. This isn’t a case of a studio trying to get us excited about vapourware, or a game in the process of being built. This is a studio putting something out something that’s pure fan service because they know fans want another reason to get hyped.

Also marketing.

But yeah, I feel less angry about this one.

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