I Love It When Tekken 7's Mum And Dad Fight

Video: Kazuya's mum has got it going on, and by "it" I mean summoning tigers to beat up her husband. This is pretty much marriage in a nutshell. Unlocking in Japanese arcades next week, Kazumi is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Mishima family.

She's Heihachi's wife, so good on Heihachi for pulling that off despite resembling a buffed up version of the boss from Dilbert. That makes her Kazuya's mother, which explains why his hair isn't quite as bad.

With Jin in the mix, that makes Kazuya a grandmother. Let's watch grandma kick some arse.

Still no word on when we'll see Tekken 7 on consoles, but the arcade version should be character-complete come next week and there's a big video game show of some sort coming up soon, so I'm sure we won't be waiting long.


    *after the beating*
    Heihachi: ok honey we will eat out.

      Knowing Heihachi, he will strap Jin and Kazuya to a rocket aimed at the sun first then toast their deaths at a solar flare

      Last edited 31/05/15 12:04 pm

    With Jin in the mix, that makes Kazuya a grandmother.
    What lol

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