If Books Were Sold Like Games

Zachary Burns of Ludeme Games, the team behind the digital version of Chess 2: The Sequel, has recently started up a webcomic called Ludeme Funnies.

We covered Chess 2 last year. And yep — it's a sequel to Chess.

And now for something completely different, Ludeme is doing comedy on the side. The strip is still in its infancy, with four comics so far, mostly dealing with hypotheticals around other things being like games. I got a good chuckle out of them. That Bilbo Baggins one is especially clever.

The books being sold like games comic has gone viral, resulting in even more comedy — some adding to the joke, and some taking it way too literally. You can click on the tweet below for that.

Check it out here.


    That trademark steam green on the discount. Quality.

    Alternatively, if games were sold like books?

    The word ACTIVISION would cover 40% of the front cover of every Call of Duty game and the dust cover blurb would just be a brief history of Activision as a company rather than telling you anything about the game.

    On the upside it might actually cost less for me to buy a digital copy instead of a disc.

      The back of the hardcover would be just a photo of Tim Schafer.

      And if you downloaded the demo, you'd get five minutes of opening credits, then just as you hit "Start Game", you'd be told that your free trial was over, and that you could purchase the game for $60

    Forgot about Day 1 DLC that results in half torn pages being presented to readers as a full book.

    "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, powered by EA"

    When purchasing the book, the store owner tells you that you need to read the book while sitting in the store or else it won't work any more.

    Minimum requirements: Fluency in english, 20/20 vision, light source, hands.

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