If Deus Ex Were A Horror Game: The Steam Stream Plays Solarix

If Deus Ex Were A Horror Game: The Steam Stream Plays Solarix

On a very special Sunday instalment of The Steam Stream, I'm playing Solarix, a new sci-fi horror game with open-ended Deus-Ex-style gameplay. Watch me get embarrassingly frightened below.

This week's stream will probably be a little short, but if I get around to it I'm hoping to also stream a little of Chroma Squad, a cool-looking tactical RPG about people who are basically Power Rangers. And if there's even more time, perhaps I'll play a game where the main character is a sperm. Let's see where we end up.

The Steam Stream is a marathon of recently released Steam games that airs every week, er, most of the time. The goal? To help you sift through the ceaseless avalanche that is Steam's "new releases" section in a quick, easily digestible fashion. If you hate the unbridled havoc of moving pictures and prefer slow, easy-going words, fear not: each of these games will also get brief write-ups that will explain why you should (or shouldn't) care about them.


    Wow, why would you embed an autoplay...

    Then it wouldn't be this, because this looks crap.

      Well it didn't say which Deus ex. TBH it looks like a mod for invisible war

    Is this running on the Deus Ex: Invisible war engine?

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