If Players Were In Charge Of World Of Warcraft

If Players Were In Charge Of World of Warcraft

With the recent three million drop in subscription numbers, World of Warcraft forums are full of people thinking what could save the game from further decline. TheLazyPeon is one of them, and he compiled a list full of interesting ideas that would fill the game with life again.

Some of these idea always come up in forum discussions (just think about the idea of balancing PvP and PvE separately) and some of them are completely unexpected (naked PvP based on DayZ? What the hell?). Also, not sure about the casino or the theatre, but the video's point that there is a call for a more social environment is clear enough.

Scaling up the large battlegrounds Tol Barad and Wintergrasp for level 100? Hell yeah! More server events? Yes, sir! I loved things like the constant invasions of enemy faction cities back in Wrath of the Lich King. People were motivated to do it, because of the Black Bear mount reward.

It's not a video intended to fix the game. Blizzard's good at that (and they actually listen to feedback). Just a few wild ideas that could make the social aspect of it much better.


    Oh please, nothing lasts forever let the game have a graceful end and stop dragging it on, sheesh.

      Yeah, come on guys! Team Fortress 2 should just be removed from Steam and the servers closed down. It's old.

        I get what he's saying. The game's past it's prime. It's over 10 years old. Pretty much anyone that's played is just pining for old memories, and for many it was their first MMO. It's like missing your childhood and continually trying to emulate feelings/experiences/memories. I get it, but gets to a point where you consign them as the memories they are, move on and make new ones.

        WoW is just a very special example. It was my first MMO some 9 odd years ago, and I'd love to have those days back. But the game has changed, and so has everything and everyone around it.

          Yeah, the game has changed so much that it's not the same game anymore. There's really no difference between playing WoW for 10 years and WoW not getting any updates and instead releasing WoW 2.

      Without their master's command, the restless Players will become an even greater threat to this world. Control must be maintained. There must always be...A World of Warcraft...

      7 million subscribers, hardly dragging. But clearly you don't enjoy it, So therefore no one else is allowed to......

    World of Warcraft forums are full of people thinking what could save the game from further decline

    I'd say every forum is full of people thinking what could save their game from further decline.

      Oh Red Faction: Guerilla(?) multiplayer you were good but you could've been great!

      (If i knew how to write good netcode)

    Shrink the world. Cataclysm should have done away with old areas completely and focused people back on the old capitals or introduced new capitals. Whenever I come back now there's no one around and no reason to move from where you are because you just queue up for everything. Loses the social appeal.

    The payers took charge after vanilla. Hence why vanilla was the best one. Only thing blizzard did wrong was listen to all the whingers and drag WoW for too long. From business perspective, nothing was wrong, everything was excellent.

      And if it had remained like that the game would of died long ago.
      I get that Vanilla wow was popular, but the nostalgia cannot be maintained or recreated by staying stagnant.

        Hence why it shouldn't have dragged on for so long.

      Wrath was the best Xpac. The only good part of vanilla was 40 man raiding and the superguilds that came with that.

        Yeah it was, but still the game shouldn't have had that much added to it in the first place, but it made money so who cares , right? As a player I would like to see warcraft 4 or another Game which could be set on the same universe. They kinda used all of the key characters in WoW to keep it going.

          I would love for them to make Warcraft 4! At least it would give them a bunch of new characters to have us kill in WoW a few years down the track.

            This is what they need to do. W4 can be like a hype train for getting back into new WoW content.

    Even if they rolled the game back to pure vanilla tomorrow I still wouldn't go back. I had my fun for many years. Had a lot of great experiences - made great friends and a lot of fun memories during. But, you move on.

    At last reports it still had over 7 million subscribers. That's hardly dead or even dying - any game publisher would love to have those sort of numbers, even for a short time, let alone 10 + years.

    I'm not currently subscribed, but I plan to keep going back - Blizz has done an amazing job keeping it (relatively) interesting and it's nice to visit for a few weeks every now and then.

    The main reason I stopped last time is because I started to play it too much again and was missing out on the other stuff I wanted or needed to do.

    That video is actually quite good. I was expecting a lot worse, nice to be pleasantly surprised for once.

    I first played WoW as a kid, when it first came out - as my older brother had a subscription. I have some very fond memories playing the game, and would love to relive them but alas, those memories simply will never be relived.

    The world at the time was awesome, it felt vast and expansive. People were friendly, and the game encouraged/forced social interactions.
    All the little flaws in the game back then, which have now been ironed out and removed, are actually what made the game so special.

    The game was so new, so you had a lot of people asking for help - still trying to figure things out. Everyone was a noob, and even the 'experienced' players back then were probably noobs asking questions themselves not too long ago. But now, the majority of people playing have been playing for a while.

    Finding people to party with for instances was a long manual process. Sometimes it took a while, but it built rapport. The people you did the instance back then, were more than just random people from random servers. Becoming friends with these players also proved beneficial, because it made it easier to find people for future instances.
    Now finding people to party with is a quick and easy automated process, but as a result the connection you made with players was lost.

    Even travelling to instances, those long walks/rides to instances. Whilst tedious, were actually fun looking back at them. You got to experience the landscape and vast world. It made getting a mount at level 40 a huge achievement /reward. I remember saving up from around lvl 30ish to be able to afford my mount at 40. Waiting till everyone got to the instance was fun in its own unique way too. Even sometimes making sure you had a warlock in your party so they could summon everyone.
    But of course, people grew tired of doing it over and over again. People get caught up in the grind, that they forget to experience and enjoy the game for what it has to offer.

    Its the monthly subscription. I quit playing 5 years ago because it got to a point where I wasnt logging in enough to make it worth while. u just cant put everything on hold and play constantly. life happens... Even now... with garrisons and that incentive to log in quickly. How much value does that bring? Wouldnt you just be better off not playing and leaving that time towards more productive things. I do miss logging in and flying around. Exploring things. Going around to fishing spots. Hence why I created a new character on a vanilla server. I never played alliance before and just made a new character to try it out. Great thing is I dont have to pay and I can play when I want. The token system is a good step in the right direction but like others have pointed out the repetitiveness of the game wears down over time. It also helps if they have more incentives to attract back players but last time I check they had nothing except for a mount if you refer a NEW playing friend. If they listen they arent listening quick enough

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