I'm Fairly Sure Guitar Hero Live Does Not Need Ed Sheeran Doing 'Sing'

One of the big questions around Guitar Hero Live is which songs will feature in the game. The first 24 tracks on offer have just been announced, and it's a very mixed bag.

Here's the full official list, direct from the release:

Newly Announced Artists and Tracks: Judas Priest "Breaking the Law" Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" Alter Bridge "Cry of Achilles" Rage Against the Machine "Guerrilla Radio" Red Hot Chili Peppers "Higher Ground" Sleigh Bells "Bitter Rivals" System of a Down "Chop Suey!" Black Veil Brides "In The End " The Pretty Reckless "Going to Hell" Broken Bells "Leave It Alone" Alt-J "Left Hand Free"

Previously Announced Artists, Newly Announced Tracks: The Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" My Chemical Romance "Na Na Na" Fall Out Boy "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” Green Day "Nuclear Family" Pierce the Veil "King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn)" Blitz Kids "Sometimes" The Black Keys - "Gold on the Ceiling" The Killers “When You Were Young" Gary Clark Jr. "Don't Owe You a Thang" The War on Drugs "Under the Pressure" The Lumineers "Ho Hey" Ed Sheeran "Sing" Skrillex "Bangarang"

So what do we think people?


    Wow. Paint It Black and Nuclear Famiy are about the only songs on this list I moderately enjoy.

    Looks like I might be skipping this one...

    with a track list like that it should be guitar zero!!!

    seriously though, there are maybe 3 songs on that list I would want to play. depending on the speed of their track lists will have to give this one a few months to stew before giving it a try.

    I only know six of the tracks, and only two are what I would want to play, but then, I am old, so maybe it appeals to the young folk :)
    I'll have to take a listen to the rest, I might know some and not recognise the names, or might like them anyway.

    Haven't some of those already appeared in GH games? I remember Paint it Black was definitely in GH3, and I'm pretty sure When You Were Young was also in GH3 or maybe GHWT.

    Last edited 13/05/15 9:55 am

      Cowboys from Hell has as well.. gotta re-use some paid for licenses perhaps?

    Not many 'guitar heroes' from those songs. Rock Band ahoy, especially with the whole Rock Band back catalogue being compatible as well

      Really, the back catalogue will work?
      Oh man, that makes the choice a no brainer.

        That's the last I heard. Will double check on it in a bit to make sure that that's actually the case

        Yes they've confirmed all their 2000-odd songs will work. I'm happy just with my collection+a new game!

    Skrillex? this list is shite

      Even if the rest of the list was amazing, Skrillex would still bring it down to the level of shite.

        i hope Rockband has a better list then this

    I don't mind this setlist so far, with the exception of Ed Sheeran, obviously, but my only other problem is that some of these songs were a part of previous Guitar Hero setlists - Paint It Black, Cowboys from Hell, When You Were Young - heck, Na Na Na was DLC for Warriors of Rock. I don't mind these songs but I would have preferred somethng different - for My Chemical Romance, what about Boy Division? THAT WOULD BE SICK

    Most of the songs in the 'newly announced artists and tracks' list are pretty great, 0% of the songs in the 'previously announced artists' list are worth listening to, let along playing. I hope most of the soundtrack is like the first list :S

    Sure are a lot of judgemental folk 'round here.

    I really want to jump on board, but between Rock band and Guitar Hero on my 360, I have over 500 tracks. Not sure if I can go back to the days of having a reduced setlist.
    Really hoping RB finds a way to carry your song library forward. I doubt it will happen, but I'm hopeful.

      Yes mate Harmonix have confirmed their entire catalogue will work with RB4. They did it for RB2 & 3 too.

    Jeesh Guerilla Radio? They could have picked a way better Rage song. Freedom or Bombtrack would have been way better.

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