It's Not An Action Movie Trailer, It's A Taylor Swift Music Video

It's Not An Action Movie Trailer, It's A Taylor Swift Music Video

Yannick's beloved Taylor Swift doles out weapons to every woman she knows and walks about in slow motion in her music video for "Bad Blood", narrated by Kendrick Lamar.

It's about a dozen different movies I'd like to see set to a song that's not quite as catchy as the other ones I've heard. Maybe that's why there's all of those explosions.


    Trivia: Olivia from SVU and Meredith from Grey's Anatomy are in the music video and Taylor Swift named her cats after them. OH GOD, WHO IS THIS MONSTER I'VE BECOME?

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      One that should have his/her Dreamcast taken away into protective custody, :-P.

    Did not expect to see this here, but sweet yes, a forum!

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      Style was basically the True Detective opening credits!

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        Finally... a chance to post this:

      Since you're the only person (aside from @dc) who will possibly care about my thoughts, I may as well reply directly.

      Honestly, not a fan of it. Doesn't help that I haaaaaaaaatttteeee this sort of mix (diffrent strokes, and all that). So the normal song wins out by a big margin as a start.

      And it's stylish, right? And it has good cameos and stuff, sure, but it's empty. It's sporadic pieces of homages and references, tied together with a tale of revenge but LOOK AT ALL THESE CAMEOS AND REFERENCES. THERE'S SO MANY WE CAN'T LET ANY SHOT LAST MORE THAN FIVE SECONDS BEFORE WE CUT TO A DIFFERENT CAMEO.

      And they don't even have the decency to dedicate 30 seconds of their time to a well choreographed single action scene.

      Consider me disappoint. *insert a dozen angry faces*

        I wanted to think about this and come back! And you know, I agree with you about a lot of this. Like, I do wish there had been a bigger combat scene between all of the ladies, and a stronger sense of the individual vignettes being tied together. I did really enjoy the fight at the start, and was expecting another of those at the end.

        But, I still totally dug the heck out of it.

        Yeah, 100%. This version sucks. Kendrick is awesome but he is not awesome here. The way he's shoved into this is just cringeworthy. They took one of the best songs on the album and ruined it by second guessing themselves. The star studded video is just distracting. The whole thing is just wrong.

        This is a classic example of style over substance. But even the style feels dated and played out. After a near unending series of perfect moves by Swift, this feels like a glaring misstep.

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        Song is good for what it is (I'm not a fan of this kind of music, it's definitely a good pop song though), agree 100% on the video.. I have seen a bazillion music videos in my life - used to watch hours of RAGE every Saturday night for a good few years plus my own collections... anyway this has all the makings of a "cool" video, but the hair and makeup are much too.. idk glamour model? It just didn't flow very well... no-one seemed very sincere or that interested - fighting was awful.... yep +1 Disappoint

    Looks very similar to that hitman trailer a while back...

      Except not sexist because girl powah

    Whomever that first girl is in the black wig...

    I've never seen an arm lock / shoulder dislocation / throw / whatever the hell that was look more awkward.

      Selina Gomez, come on man!


        I kid, I kid... It's good to see she's still getting work after Springbreakers.

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    I wonder what the song is abou-oh wait never mind it's Taylor Swift.

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