Japan Is Getting A Noodle And Rice Burger

Japan Is Getting A Noodle And Rice Burger

I sure hope you like carbs!

Lotteria, no stranger to odd burger stunts (here), is releasing a hamburger that consists of white rice, lettuce, ramen noodles, and spicy tofu. Oh, and buns.

Nico News reports that the burger, which comes with soup, is priced at 720 yen (US$6) goes on sale this month for a limited time. You can also order a side of flavored French fries!

Japan Is Getting A Noodle And Rice Burger

This is a collaboration between Lotteria, Tokyo ramen restaurant Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto, and carbohydrates.

Top photo: Lotteria


    • Not really, the noodles will almost definitely have animal products/byproducts in them and the bread has a high chance of not being Vegan friendly either. It also depends on what’s in the sauce.

      • Sorry… vego, not vegan… what animal products would be in noodles/bread? Assuming you’re allowed to eat yeast…

        • I couldn’t answer you that specifically (I know with my sister it often comes down to animal emulsifiers, though) … but you’ve clearly never had a vegan in your family, or in your life in any significant way. To say that it’s limiting in what a person can eat is an understatement.

  • Night Noodle Market sells Ramen Burgers when its on.

    I didn’t think it was great, definitely not the extensively long queue for.

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