Kid's Mario Kart Skills Help Save Family From Fatal Car Crash

Kid's Mario Kart Skills Help Save Family From Fatal Car Crash

10-year-old Gryffin Sanders faced a life or death decision last week when his great-grandmother suddenly passed out at the wheel of the car, which was driving at 60 miles per hour with their family inside. Luckily, Gryffin already had some experience behind the wheel — on his Nintendo Wii.

In an incredible story of heroism and lightning-speed decision-making, 9news reports that Gryffin first tried unsuccessfully to wake his grandmother up after she'd "passed out while in mid-sentence." When that didn't work, Gryffin told 9news, "I just took the wheel and drove it into the ditch."

While the boy's family marvelled at his dextrous feat, Gryffin credited his racing experience while playing Mario Kart with giving him the knowledge and confidence to take charge of the situation.

"And, I'm pretty good at go kart driving," Gryffin said.

Take note, parents. Playing Mario Kart might help your children (or your entire family) in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Read — and watch — Gryffin Sanders' inspiring story here.


    Didn't this happen like two years ago? Or are they just reporting on similar events the exact same way?

      Yes it did, Kotaku even had an article on it when it happened:

      If you're wondering why it's spontaneously come up again today it's because the Gawker staff in the US tend to browse the internet looking for inspiration, and this story was a top TIL (Today I learned) post over on Reddit.

      Journalism at its finest.

        Hey it's a blog, that means they don't have standards, right?

        Phew. I looked around for the article and couldn't find it. I remembered this kid specifically because he looks like I did at that age so I thought my brain may have been malfunctioning.

        So I suppose if I make a power sliding joke I will be 2 years late as well....


      Yep, the date on the article is 9:35 p.m. MDT July 27, 2013. So it was a little more than last week...

        You don't need to fact check here. Just repost dammit.

      Jesus christ, the date is even in the URL he uses in the article to link to the source. I just... how in the fuck do you get "last week" from that??

        I've made dumber mistakes, every day I totally misread an article title or jumble entire paragraphs, I wouldn't put it past me to read 27/07/2013 as 13/05/20X6, but I'm not being paid to provide written content and news reports for a major website. =P

        Talk about doing your research right... I guess in the states they have higher standards for blogs and lower standards for articles.

    Every time you see a crappy rehashed article, you can guarantee it didn't have any Aussies involved. Bloody lazy yanks :P

    Did Luigi drive past death staring the nugget?

    If games can't be blamed for violence then they can also not be praised for having a positive effect.

      Uhhh what?
      So if vaccines can't be blamed for giving Autism then they can't be praised for saving lives?

      Last edited 19/05/15 12:38 pm

      Gaining skill in eye-hand co-ordination and reaction time from a video game in order to avert an accident is a seperate issue from consciously and willfully choosing to cause harm to someone.

    nice repost.... last week huh? not 2 years ago?

      He only heard about it last week so it's news to him.

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