Kojima's PT Eradicated From PSN; Can't Even Be Re-Downloaded

Kojima's PT Eradicated From PSN; Can't Even Be Re-Downloaded

The mess at Konami keeps getting messier, and weirder, with the discovery today that PT — a playable teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill game that has since been cancelled — has been completely removed from Sony's PSN servers, even for people who had downloaded it while it was still available..

Normally, when a game, demo, beta, whatever is removed from a digital shopfront like the PSN, it remains available on servers so that those who had got it while it was available can get it again later. I can still download Madden Arcade and Outrun, for example, even though those games are no longer available on the Xbox Live Store.

Yet someone has gone the extra mile and scrubbed PT from Sony's servers entirely. Users who have deleted the demo and attempted to re-download (like Polygon) it are being given an error message saying it can't be downloaded.

This is despite a standard notice from Sony being presented upon deletion telling the user they would be able to download it again later.

SO, yeah, if you have PT on your PS4, don't delete it. Ever.


    Looks like those people will make a nice profit selling PS4 with installed PT.

      Would it be possible to copy it from a friend who has it on there PS4 via USB memory stick or even download it from PirateBay maybe...

        Not sure if PS4 allow game install transfer. Last I recall you can't do it because PS4 system transfer to change HDD only retains users info and not game installs. I found no other way to retain all everything except doing a HDD cloning.

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          I think you're correct. I'm fairly sure you can transfer save files from games but not the game itself.



        ergh... i hate to see shit like this... hopefully no one is that desperate to play it

        Wants $1100 for it and can't even offer free shipping......the cheap bastard XD

        "BONUS: will throw in a new unopened Call Of Duty: Ghosts."

        That's not a bonus. That's an insult.

      Would this even work? Wouldn't it disable content that you haven't purchased (I know it's free, but it's still registered as a purchase) once you sign into your own PSN account?

      I downloaded it using my US account (because I couldn't find it on the Aussie store), and it wouldn't let me load the game if I wasn't using that account (it just pointed me to the Aussie store where I could re-download it).

      So it seems the only way you can play the game is by accessing it with the account you downloaded the game with, so effectively if you're selling your PS4 as a PT machine, you'd be selling your account along with it.

        I was just going to ask, I thought all downloaded games were account-bound.

          generally speaking, no... i download games on my US account and play on my Aus account frequently

            But what he is saying is that the seller cant delete their account off the PS4 - they would need to keep their account on there in order for the person to play PT - so if they were to scrub their account, like you should when you sell your machine, it would scrub the access to play PT, rendering it useless

            They arent just selling a PS4 with PT installed, they are selling everything

              I meant a bit of both actually, I haven't had a PS since the PS2 so I wasn't sure how they handled downloaded titles =) But yes, I can't see how selling it with his account still on it wouldn't just basically give the buyer his whole account, and if he deletes his account from it before he ships it then he's falsely advertised the item because it'll remove the game.

              yeah I actually don't know if people who sell these moderns consoles always realise that fact...

              I see people sell consoles and say things like comes preloaded or however they word it... do they realise that they're going to have to give up their account? or they're just going to screw the person by changing the password or something...

          Exactly, so not only is the guy selling his PS4 with PT - he is selling his account and everything he has ever downloaded in the past, his trophy profile and any online currency he has

          This is just stupid. Some people just dont think before they pay cash for something

        Really? I downloaded on the US store as it wasn't available on Australian at the time but it played just fine on my normal Australian account.

          That's strange. I've tried a number of times (initially I'd forget that I downloaded it from the US store each time I'd go to play on my local account).

          Each time it told me it was locked to the other account and then prompted me to "purchase" it from the Aussie store, which I didn't do because it didn't unlock after the purchase, it expected me to download the entire program (1.3GB) again.

        Maybe you need to use a US account to play it, not specifically the US one you downloaded it with?

      Was going to say the same thing. I think my PS4 is worth more now!

      Edit: Just took the time to read above comments. I'm not giving up my account...

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    I suspect that the PS4 hacking scene is going to use this as an excuse to go to town. Just think how much publicity P.T has got now everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on it. I also wouldn't be surprised if you start to see consoles with the demo on the harddrive fetching a pretty penny on ebay over the next few months.

    And que people selling there consoles for ridiculous prices because it has this game on it. Just like with Flappy Bird...So dumb

    I'm not well educated on torrents at all, but is it possible for someone to put up a file of PT, so people can download it for their PS4?


        No is the short answer. The long answer is yes, but it's gonna take some time. The powers that be need to invent the shit they need to get the data off the PS4 and then get it playable on another PS4. So it has to do with mod chipping and all that jazz, which can take some time. Like all other consoles from previous generations they will come up with something eventually.

      Until someone hacks the PS4, no.

    Not specifically related to PT, but it's worth pointing out that this is why people have so much difficulty trusting Microsoft and Sony with digital distribution, always on connection requirements, etc. This isn't Sony's fault at all, but it highlights how big the difference between a license and a physical disc is. A full RRP game would obviously have more trouble being taken down but at the end of the day it's still all about being 100% reliant on their platform.

    Stoked that I jumped straight online to grab it as soon as the news broke about its removal. I played it over the weekend and absolutely adored it. It was so creepy that I got goosebumps... repeatedly.
    It really is a one-of-a-kind experience, and I feel sorry for all the peeps who missed out. Would it have killed Konami to just leave it online?

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      I did the same, however haven't got around to having a look at it yet. Is there an update file or anything that needs to be applied before you can play it? I'd hate to try and start it up just for it to tell me it can't be played without updating.

        Hmm good question... I don't remember there being one so I think you're all good. I suspect if there was it would have auto-downloaded anyway (assuming you have PS+, of course).
        Good luck, and happy pants-shitting!

        I almost never (have the time to) play my PS4... but I downloaded PT when I heard they were removing it... and just now I used remote play on my phone to load it up fine.

    Pay attention everybody. This is the kind of future of games we're looking at.

      I wouldn't be too worried about things like that just yet. The only reason this hasn't been a massive shitstorm is because it's a free demo, so technically there were 'no purchases' made.

      The fact that Sony/Microsoft allow us to always re-download any demo we've ever played is just a nice service that they do at a cost to themself, it isn't because of any trade laws. Now if we were talking about an actual game that people paid money for getting taken away completely... things would be a little different.

        It's not about purchases, it's about the fact that business is allowed to let these artworks to disappear into the ether.

    Re-downloaded it as soon as I hear it was going to be taken off PSN

    I guess I'll leave it on my ps4.

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    i would like to believe this article if it was not for the fact im re-downloading it right now. Off the Australian store. perfectly fine. will update in about 20min when it finishes if it worked.

    Can Confirm after completing download at 8:01 pm May 6. That P.T was Re-downloaded and Works. AU store AU account. have photos that can be emailed as proof if required

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