Lego Jurassic World Comes Out On June 12

Video: Lego Jurassic World comes out on June 12, publisher Warner Bros just announced. It will be right on time for the movie. New trailer above.


    If only they made a decent vita port. Just drop the graphics but be the same game and i'd buy them all.

      This is coming out for the Vita.

      Actually a lot of LEGO games are on the VITA, but you're right there aren't decent usually just ports from the 3DS

    Awesome! Go see the movie, then come home and start playing this. Perfect!

    Super hyped for both!

    Hopefully they include... the laugh!

    Also.. I love that this was still in my browser history

      Ah, another aficionado!

      If they don't reference the laugh, I'll eat my life-sized cutout of Jeff goldblum.

      This game will probably be better than the movie, but I'll need to see it to get some of the jokes. Pretty crafty cross promotion.

      Guess what I have as a custom ringtone ;)

        Please don't put your phone on silent when you go to see this movie. You are excepted.

        O.M.G. I never thought of that... I have a mission...

    Hang on.. June 12 (as per article) or June 17 (as per trailer)??

      It appears Aussie release date is June 17. What a massive pile of poo


      Last edited 15/05/15 10:45 am

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