Listen To George Miller Discuss Mad Max: Fury Road

Listen To George Miller Discuss Mad Max: Fury Road

It’s not video games, but since we all seem to be furiously in love with Mad Max: Fury Road, I thought it might be worthwhile highlighting a really great interview Marc Fennell conducted with George Miller for SBS2’s The Feed.

He discusses why Furiosa had to be a woman, why digital effects had to be pushed to a minimum and what his former partner in movies Byron Kennedy would have thought of Fury Road if he was alive today.

Props to Fennell and the team for a really great interview.

Think I’m gonna go and watch Mad Max: Fury Road again at the cinema.


  • “You can’t have one man stealing another man’s property” seems to sum up a lot of the issues regarding the sexual politics of action movies. And it’s great that Miller gets it.

    • It didn’t even occur to me that MRA types might have a problem with this movie until I saw an article on the movie boycott.

      • My wife shot me an article written by one of those jokers (who hadn’t even watched the movie mind you, and said that it ruined an “american icon” hah) I had no idea people had problems with this kind of thing either.. crazy. I had heard of this “red pill” stuff… I thought it was a joke, didn’t realise these guys were serious lol…

        When watching the movie, not once did I even consider the “feminist aspect” etc it was just a great movie with great characters, (Furiosa and the mothers are all awesome and they do steal the show from Max I guess, maybe that’s why they have an issue lol) although I’m sure MRA would tell me I’m brainwashed by the feminazis and I have no balls or something.

        • A lot of the stuff I’ve read around those “Meninist” movements is just fear mongering. But the passion for the stuff, the absolutist tones that they use in their discussions, are all so scary. So fascist.

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