Looks Like Target Will Have The Cheapest Copy Of The Witcher 3 In Australia

Next week is The Witcher 3 week. I think we're all aware of that at this point. But where to buy it? No doubt retail will have a bit of a blood bath closer to release, but the cheapest copy I've seen so far?


Currently Target has The Witcher 3 advertised for $69, which is a pretty good deal. JB Hi-Fi is hitting your wallet for slightly more at $79, but that's still a decent deal for a brand new game at retail. EB Games? They seem to be going for the full-price of $109.95, but I suspect they might price match with stores in the vicinity.

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    A $100.00 gift voucher for a gift solves my Witcher 3 price woes.

    I've never had any problems with EB Games price matching, so if you can bring up a cheaper price on your phone for elsewhere, go in there and go for it.

      Your mileage may vary. Plenty of EB stores/clerks require the competing retailer to have the item in, be in the same area (whatever that means), and will call to confirm. Others are very laissez faire and will just accept whatever catalogue you show them on your phone.

        This, I've argued & list several times. Especially when EB offer something 'free' as a bonus.

          I could be talking out my bum, but I've asked various managers and price matched heaps;

          They require the shop to be in the same area, and have stock.
          If EB's version has some difference like day one dlc/whatever, it doesn't count as the same product so they won't price match. They like to do this a lot since it means less price matching for them.

          Unless you're the first smart person going to get the game though, they'll probably be aware of who has what at the price, that's why you can go in and say 'Big W has this for 69 - can you price match?'. They'll accept it because they've seen it before or know it themselves.

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        Sounds like the EB games that call in are too dickish to be worth my time.
        My local EB stores are pretty damn chill.

          Thing is, it's not even store-specific. When I lived in QLD, some of the staff would be like the Soup Nazi and call in while other day, you get their chilled colleague who'll be happy to match.

            Over here it is fairly store specific regardless of which staff member I get.
            But that'd suck hard if the one store changes it's policy on price matching depending on who serves you.

      My old local eb used to not even honor a Target price match and they were 3 doors down in the same shopping complex. I'd say "fine" and go to Target. Then walk past the store and call to the manager, waving my copy in the air. After this happened a few times I guess I got a bad name at the store and everybody in there except newbies would give me dirty looks and deliberately overlook me in the line.

      I don't live in the area anymore, so I'm not bothered but it did give me extra incentive to start going digital. Fuck 'brick and mortars' if they want to treat me like that.

        See I don't get that kind of attitude from them. Don't they like money? Price matching is a sale to them, okay sure it's not at their ridiculous prices, but it's a sale they wouldn't have made otherwise.

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          I know, I bought tonnes of stuff from that EB before they stopped price matching for me. Knew the manager by name, he'd even call me with the preorders of collectors editions that he thought I'd like. I was a damn big spender there. I dunno. Whatever, onwards and upwards etc.

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        Shit that's the kind if behaviour you'd expect from Myer! I've always lucked out with good people who were open to price matching - only once about two years ago did I encounter resistance matching the price of Prototype 2 to Dick Smith ($30) they still ended up doing it though

      Never had a problem with my local EB. Even got them to match a ridiculous mail-order price from Blockbuster for The Handsome Collection. So I get the benefits of EB world membership (the one-week free returns are pretty sweet) but the best prices.

    So where's the outrage demanding Target not sell The Witcher 3...?

      That comes after someone buys the game for their 12 year old

    I just preordered it from the US PSN store - US$75 with all the DLC seemed like the best price.

    Who gives a crap? I wanna know the cheapest price for arkham Knight!

      The price of Arkham Knight is the least of your worries it seems....

      Arkham Knight (PC) is cheapest on ozgameshop for $30.

        Thanks man! But I'm trying to leave my PC only for writing, so unfortunately i gotta stump up the cash for the PS4 version. I'm thinking JBs at the mo, $79 with 2 pieces of DLC and the convenience of getting it day 1.

      ordered arkham knight from ozgameshop for $29.69. madness!

      On PC? Like $29 from Ozgameshop with the voucher code BATMAD. I got an email about it yesterday and said why the fuck not at that price.

        I almost pulled the trigger on that one too but I'm trying to stop gaming on my PC. I'm doing a lot of writing so I'm already on the pc 4 or 5 hrs a day. Not healthy to stay in the same chair and then play games. Such a great price though!

    Ummmm, Target knows there's like sex and shit in Witcher don't they? I feel like getting this game from Target, shagging some middle-ages wench and then killing her in a glorious wave of GTA5-flavoured irony.

    ... or is it just that a bunch of indignant soccer Mums haven't jumped on the "Won't somebody think of the children?!" bandwagon?

      I was waiting for someone to say this.

      I'm interested to see how many folks sign the change.org petition to have this game removed after the outcry of GTA V, or if that was just another case of E-Empathy at work.

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      I came here to stay the same thing basically.
      The Witcher series has always been rife with murder, sex, rape, etc.

      All we need to do is find a prostitute in the game:
      1- shag her
      2 - kill her
      3 - make youtube video
      4 - profit, err.. I mean, watch the petitions start rolling in

      Oh hey! Someone without a 5 second memory! I must say I'm pleasantly surprised.

      Target can shove it. I'll go out of my way to spend my money anywhere but there.

      But seriously, anyone here who kicked up a stink when Target decided to pull GTAV and cave to a bunch of overly vocal moral-police [and that was the VAST MAJORITY of kotaku commenters], put your money where your mouth is, literally, and don't purchase The Witcher from them. Pay an extra $10 to a competitor, otherwise what's the point of complaining when big companies do stupid things?

        If you're going to pay $79 to JB HiFi you might as well buy the game from GoG (assuming your PC can run it).

          gog galaxy has the witcher 3 for $80 but with that you get $11 credit to spend on another game =$69 enough said

          I'm honestly scared that my 4790, 16gb ram and 770 4gb will struggle with this game. I'll buy it digitally on console (home sharing, the gf just finished number 2 and is keen) then later for pc during a sale.

        +1 for others boycotting Target after that bs scandal with GTAV

    I don't understand the "Go to EB Games and price match", why shop there at all if they are never the cheapest and make zero effort to do so? Just support the company that offers it the cheapest.

    I don't want to have to ask to price match, or have someone pick it up for me and get screwed on the price because they forgot to price match.

      EB games offers other benefits when you shop there a lot, I always go down there and just ask them to price match and they do it just off my phone or already know about prices. there are no long lasting benefits for buying the game for the same price at a shop that doesn't offer a rewards system.

    Love this game!
    Gonna get it!
    Also, target sells condoms too ay?
    Isn't that also a bit of an irony, that's like more realistic than video games, it's the real deal.

    Just saying.

    Game on!

    EB price match any store, not just 'in the vicinity'. I've been going there for close to a decade now and never had one issue with pricematching.
    There is a chance that they will lower the price on the day, I've seen it done quite a few times when games are released and other retailers are selling it at a lower price. I guess its them just pricematching it without you needing to ask, but is still nice :)

      I've had two stores near me call up the store they are matching and ask if they have it in stock, one time the store in question didn't and EB refused to match the price as they only match in stock items. I've also had times where they didn't care less so I guess it depends who you get.

        Yeah, I've heard many stories but for all the games I've bought from a few different EB's, its just never happened to me. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones :P
        Last time I was in there, I think it was for MKX, they just took my word for it, they didn't even check the price I was matching was correct! Granted, I am a regular in that store though

      Depends on the store.

    GoG with VPN - around $20 on PC!

    Considering GoG and The Witcher are one and the same, I don't feel bad about skirting the country barrier...

      Wow that's cheap. Unfortunately for me this would ultimately cost me about a grand when you take into account the PC upgrade I'd need to play it tolerably. PS4 for me.

        But on the plus side then you would have a good PC and women would flock to your studly framerate.

          R9 290X...........

          the Wolf T-Shirt of graphics cards......

          Give me more of them pixels, baby, oh yeah

      Just a word of warning.....

      I'm actually a little surprised GoG let this happen, as it's actually a pretty big account security red flag.
      If you do this with Steam, your account will be locked down and you will have to beg for mercy from the Valve overlords.
      Back in 2010 I did this when buying Homefront, though it was actually somewhat more legitimate. My partner was in the US at the time, she logged in to my account to purchase the game for me, then I logged back in to my account to install/play it. Instant account lock, suspected payment fraud.

      No comment at all on trying to get the game cheaper in Australia, but this actually makes sense from an account security point of view. Seeing someone's account logged in from the Ukraine, then back to Australia is a pretty big issue.

      Be safe. If it was one of my systems I was in charge of, you would be sure this would result in account lock down.

      And ultimately, is it really worth it? Let's be honest, the game sure as hell is worth $80. AUD is worth a lot more than the Ukrainian currency, so let's be a little decent and give the devs what is a price we can afford to pay.

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        Isn't that only for a steam key? can you just buy it DRM free? Then it shouldn't matter right?

        GoG is drm free, download and store it. If they crack down and block accounts it doesn't matter. All valid points though, but considering GoG makes the game (essentially) and it is drm free, the chances of them caring to the extent of banning is slim in my mind.

        Even without the VPN issue, GOG has the game for under $40 AUS anyway, so much of a muchness

    The only thing Eb had going for them was the awesome Collectors edition, but that's sold out now (I got mine the day it was announced wooo!) .

    I guess they'll be getting asked to price match a lot.

    The problem with EB Games is the perception that they're more expensive. I know they'll price match JB-Hifi, but because they don't start at the lesser price, I just head straight to JB...

    I got it for $75 over at mighty ape with all the preorder bonuses (soundtrack etc) and a keyring and poster.
    Well $80 with postage.

      Yep. I'm getting it for about $78 including postage when you factor in player point rebate over at ozgameshop. I'm wondering if Target has the 'Day One' edition with the CD, book, map and stickers in it. The website doesn't say.

    I'm not going to buy Witcher 3!!!


    ...cause I haven't finished Witcher 2 yet.

    I'll buy it from EB for $69 and ask them if the $100+ price tag actually fools anyone.


    Aren't target the douche bags who took GTA V off the shelves cause some neckbeard cried over pixels getting hurt.

    Yeah, AHAHAHA screw Target, EB all the way, they have it $70 with a listed trade in and AREN'T douchebags.

    Word gets around the interwebs. What? You think we'd forget Target?

    Rule #1 The Internet Never Forgets.

    After GTAV, you couldn't pay me to shop at target.

    Who would actually pay $109.95 in-store at EB Games? That is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard..

    Why not just buy it form the place you seen it cheaper, unless they aren't close shouldn't they benefit from their pricing rather then letting EB try get away with their pricing, they're always full RRP on new titles, JB, Target, Big w, Gametraders, The Gamesmen are always cheaper on launch day, Always

    Went to EB games, showed them the Target $69 offer and they price matched. Then traded in my copy of Bloodborne for 50 percent extra value on trade ins due to an in store special. So I got Witcher 3 for PC for only 16 bucks!

    Anyone know if jb hifi are doing the trade in 2 games get it free deal?

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