M. Bison In Street Fighter V Looks A Lot Like M. Bison

And that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I have no problem with this.

I am fairly excited about Street Fighter V. Maybe not as excited as I was for Street Fighter IV, which felt like a pitch perfect reinvention of the series, but excited enough.

Street Fighter V looks and feels more like an evolution, but that makes sense.

And Street Fighter is great, so there's that.


    I'm keen to play, but like MKX & the last few Tekkens the difference isn't big enough to get me really excited.

    And after the 4 or 5 releases of IV, I really don't want to buy it straight away.
    Maybe if Capcom learnt how to dlc properly (I'm looking at you Dragons Dogma) I'd make the commitment & buy the expansions as released.

    Maybe, I'm waiting for MKX Komplete

    Not being into fighting games, I can't quite decipher the title. Did M Bison not look like M Bison at some point in the past?

      The article itself was pointless and didn't cover much at all. Bison looks older now work grey hairs and he wears a trench coat now instead of having a cape.

      I think it was just a satisfied "phew, they didn't reinvent him drastically for no real reason"

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        Surely you're not suggesting that Raul Julia is anything but the M Bison? ;)

    Is it just me or do the characters in Street Fighter 4 and 5 looks very slow.
    Like they are so bulky they don't have speed anymore. I mean that sonic boom was going like maybe a meter a second.

      Most of the fireballs have different speeds depending if using a light, medium or heavy hit.

    While I loves me some Street Fighter (except for SF3, that game was just way too technical and I could never make it work properly) this new game just kinda looks like Street Fighter 4.5...

    All they've done so far is show characters that have already been fighting game stars for decades, and they basically look like the same models as SF4 just up-rezzed.

    I'm sure the hardcore fighting fans will eat it up... Kinda like Malibu Stacey with a new hat...

      Street fighter alpha series were the bomb.

    Ever since MKI came out my interest in SF has been virtually zero. But I have always not been keen on the cartoony graphics of earlier games in the series and I hate 3D cell shading with a passion, I have never been able to stand it.

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