The Witcher 3 Already Has Some Great Mods

The Witcher 3 Already Has Some Great Mods

The Witcher 3 is stunningly gorgeous in most places, but you can’t please everybody. That’s what mods are for.

Despite only bewitching (and therefore, de-wizarding) players for a few days, The Witcher 3 already has some pretty sweet mods. You can’t, like, play as white-haired version of The Incredible Hulk yet, but I’m sure it will happen with time (unless The Witcher 3‘s mod scene sparks and fizzles like The Witcher 2‘s did).

For now, the centrepiece of the mod selection is the CineFX graphics mod, which — among other things — lets you crank the game’s resolution until astronauts can see Geralt’s beard stubble from space. If you want it to look like the infamous video from a couple years back, this is probably your best bet — at least, from a sheer detail perspective.

Here’s a video of it in action from FeuerTin:

The other early Witcher 3 mods emphasise quality of life over sexy good looks. First up, there’s the Over 9000 weight limit mod, which allows Geralt to carry up to 9999 Witchy Weight Units of stuff. Given how much stuff I’ve looted from kind, unsuspecting villagers’ houses in the game’s first few hours, I can see the mod being super handy.

There’s also the Wealthy Vendors mod, which does exactly what it says: makes vendors obscenely rich. Instead of retiring to islands that aren’t crawling with monsters and apocalypse zeppelins, however, they give you more gold for your goods before running out. Pretty fucking saintly of them, if you ask me.

Lastly, there’s the Lower XP Thresholds mod, which makes Geralt level up a teensy bit quicker. It’s not meant to turn the game into a cakewalk, but for those who balk at the idea of only being level five after six hours, this one might not be such a bad idea.

Now, a couple disclaimers: 1) These are pretty simple mods, largely created by changing values in the game’s files. Given time, modders may well change The Witcher 3 to the point that it’s unrecognizable. This is a trickle. Fingers crossed for a flood. 2) A new patch dropped a few hours ago that might render old versions of these mods useless. If that’s the case, you may need to wait a little bit for new versions to be released.

Now then, question time: what do you want to see from future Witcher 3 mods? What sorts of utility features? Anything crazy or outlandish or Literally The Hulk?


  • That graphics mod looks like all they have done it increase the contrast of everything

    • That’s pretty much all the “SweetFX” mods ever do – screw with colours and contrast.

  • Waiting for an FOV mod and one to get rid of the fish-eye distortion when you go into Witcher Senses mode.

    • glad im not the only one! Cant stand the fish-eye thing in Witcher Senses Mode.

      Eyes hate me every time i activate it

  • Personally, I’d like for a mod to remove the weapon/equipment decrease in durability. It’s good for role-playing, but just a bit of a hassle as well.

  • sweetfx is only good for 2 things, 1 smaa injector if the game you’re playing doesn’t have one. 2. color/sharpness for cheap monitors. I use to love and use sweetfx all the time on my 199 dollar monitor it added color, sharpness & helped address the poor black levels…. Settings my monitor did not have.

    About six months ago I upgraded however and spent much more, now I find sweetfx is always too much no matter the setting and I only ever use it as a smaa injector… Even old games that I thought looked washed out (Witcher 1) look great. Sweetfx is great for low budget screens with limited settings to calibrate with, on a decent screen that is calibrated correctly you should not need to use it at all.

  • The XP mod seems like a good idea at first… Right up until you hit the second area and begin to out-level a number of quests, side jobs, etc, very quickly simply because there are so many of them.

    If anything I’d prefer a mod that reduces XP gain a little.

  • I want a mod so that I can ‘pass’ when playing Gwent. I’d also like a mod for the key to appear for the merchant in a cage when I kill and loot the bandits. Wait no sorry, I want a patch not a mod.

    • if you are playing on PC you just hold space to pass, not sure what button it would be with a controller though

      • It’s triangle on PS4, crashes game and closes application. I’m not seriously expecting a mod for PS4 I’m just whinging because bug is annoying.

  • Playing on PC with controller I’d like to be able to rebind the targeting button. As it stands I rarely use it. It feels too cumbersome and distracts me when trying to switch between targeting specific enemies and free fighting through a group.

    Might give the mouse and keyboard a run tonight. Hopefully I can overcome this irritation.

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