Mortal Kombat Spammer Gets What They Deserve

Mortal Kombat Spammer Gets What They Deserve

You know that saying, don’t hate the player, hate the game? Screw that. I prefer the whole “crush the skulls of your enemies using the white hot rage of justice” approach… when we’re talking about Mortal Kombat, at least.

If you’ve played Mortal Kombat before, then you’ve probably come across spammers. The most famous spammer is the uppercut spammer, but that’s not the only kind there is. In this video by Jett Mitchell-Rose, we see a player that uses projectiles to keep her opponent at a distance. If the opponent manages to close that distance, she has another move at the ready. She goes between both of these moves as needed, which might be smart, but it’s also pretty fucking annoying to deal with.

So at first, Briggs has the upper hand here. She sticks to her spam, and kills Kung Jin. Kung Jin starts busting out the combos and manages to fight back, but even so, he still gets schooled by Briggs — a player that only uses two moves repeatedly. It’s not until near the end that Kung Jin manages to pull through and wrecks Briggs. He then of course proceeds to taunt the hell out of Briggs during the FINISH HER portion of the match, because really, what else is there to do except get sweet, sweet revenge?


  • lol! Awesomely tense fight to watch, also gave me some hints on how to deal with those goddamn spammers…

  • Yep, the Briggs projectile spammer is annoying, but so is someone who corners you into launching loops that are unblockable and require almost pin point timing to counter which may not always be available online – they are both spammers, they just spam different ways

    I think both of these players deserve each other

    Where are the clean fights between two opponents who actually use the moves and skill sets of each player to form a exciting match to watch?

    However, there is another side to this – and it actually seems like a trophy boost match (even though we didnt see the trophies ding, so wondering who actually recorded and broadcast this fight) – ie the recover from 10% down with your opponent on 90% (Round 3), and duck 30 times during a fatality sequence

    • Wait, what? They’re made for each other? One of them is using 2 ranged moves to get a cheap win, the other is using juggles and combos. What Kung Jin is doing is not cheap in the slightest, it’s how fighting games work. If you get backed into a corner by a decent player in any fighting game you’ll have a hard time getting out.

      What Kung Jin was doing was 100% blockable, not cheap at all. If you think someone juggling in the corner and using combos they know work repeatedly is cheap then you obviously haven’t spent much time with fighting games.

      I don’t see it being a cheeve boost match or something similar, Jaq was hell bent on winning in the cheapest way possible, and Kung barely manages to scrape in the 2nd round victory. The taunting at the end is damn obvious dude, he just played against the lowest of low when it comes to online fighting games, and proceeded to school him.

      TL;DR Jaq is scum, Kung not in the wrong.

  • I’d wager the Briggs spammer is the one that ends up complaining about the other guy spamming…

  • Unfortunately MK has always had/has Spammers even back in MK1 you’d get the kid down the road who’d come around and spam some cheap move.

    It is good to see some justice delt though even if they both seemed to spam I do get the feeling the guy who was Kung jin had the intention to have a clean fight until he was spammed

    • Considering the cheap move in MK 1 was what we called the trip lock, you could win the fight because they couldn’t get up to block in time. Every character could do it, but I did find a friend who played Raiden infuriating. While I could win against him with any character he just found a style that was annoying, but completely ineffective relying on Teleports and and that flying charge. That being said I favoured Scorpion so I could also be very annoying.

  • It’s called zoning. Some characters, or more specifically some character variations, are built around it.

    As @dansdans mentioned above though, the Kung Jin player didn’t do anything special, in fact he spammed himself. He just kept spamming the same setup and combo once he had his opponent in the corner. A combo that really isn’t that hard to pull off and one that pretty much every Kung Jin player tries to abuse.

    Both of these players had this one strategy in mind, and didn’t seem to know how to deal with what the other was doing very well. The Kung Jin player only really wrecked face in the final round because his opponent was already in the corner and he managed to get the first hit of his setup off. He still didn’t do anything except spam the same combo over and over (which he actually dropped a couple of times, too).

    • There’s a difference between zoning and spamming. Zoning is using moves to keep the opponent in a specific area to prevent them from using their advantages or to move them into a spot that gives you the advantage.

      Spamming is just using the same move over and over again without thought or strategy because it worked before and they don’t want to practice the game. It was obvious when Kung-Jin was timing his spam attacks to move closer, didn’t change up the pace or rhythm. When it was obvious Kung-Jin wouldn’t fall for any of her attacks she panicked and had no other attacks. Got cornered and had no idea to counter as they haven’t practiced in the game.

    • Well Said @whitepointer

      Down+Triangle while in the air for the launcher… uuugh… Those Capcom VS games have a lot to answer for….

  • Enter why I abstain from playing fighting games online. Sure the terribad spammer got his what-for on this occasion, but this crap happens on every fighting game I’ve encountered. Unbelievably tiring, and so frustrating it just isn’t worth it. Fair fights are so few and far between. I don’t even care if I get my arse kicked, as long as it’s not someone spamming two moves over and over. At least the person who kicks my arse fair and square I can learn from.

    • Heh. I don’t even consider this to be an ‘online’ phenomenon.

      Any webcomic ever about fighting games even on the couch with friends has always lamented the ‘types’, which include the always-frustrating button-mashing-winner-who-doesn’t-know-what-they’re-doing, and the one-move-spammer.

      • I wish there was a pg version fo a fighting game cause i reckon my son would be an awesome button masher. Would i play him hell no but would i love to watch him play yes.

        • Personally, I found early versions (xbox) Soul Calibur to be pretty low-violence (relatively-speaking) and lacking the really adult text descriptions that accompany those types of games for the illusion of story.

          What platform do you use?

          • I have a PS4 and a wii u, Smash bro’s seems to be a bit button mashing to me (but i have never really sat down and played it).

            I was thinking a Tekken or Street Fighter for him but not sure how they are now days if they are too violent.

            Whether his mum would allow me to bring it into the house and get him playing it.

        • Street Fighter and Tekken are about as low impact as you can get for fighters. Just flashes of light when hits connect then they fall over. Play with my eldest daughter every now and then.

  • I’ve got a vague recollection of playing MK9 against @ruffleberg. His Melena roll-kick-teleport-kick combo, while effective, was a bit annoying.

    still, i’m just gonna put down my loss to being quite drunk at the time.

    • I remember that!

      And yes, that spammy bullshit was annoying. Melena is still my main in tihs current game but i’ve added a few combos into my routine now.

  • Really?

    Seriously guys. MK is a pretty well balanced game. If you can’t deal with spammers, that’s YOUR FAULT, not theirs.

    Evolve. Adapt. Overcome.

  • After a mate and I finished some test your luck matches the other day we decided to jump on twitch and see if we could learn any combos or tricks from the top MK streamers.

    So we found the MKX most popular streamer and tuned in….to find him doing exactly what Briggs did in the above video – sit back and spam.

    The worst part is, with how the matchmaking works, he was getting matched with people who had barely even played online. One of their first experiences with MKX online is with a scum of the fighting game world spammer…

  • It reminds me of Cable’s Spam moves on MvC2 (FP x 5,QCF+FP. Rinse.Repeat)

  • Holy shit! I’m pretty sure I actually fought this exact guy. I know there are a lot of Jacqui spammers out there, but his tag definitely rings a bell. I wish I could say I managed to school him like this Kung Jin player, but it is not so.

    He won one match against me, then upon a rematch I won one round with Ermac (with the aid of timing, teleports and combos) and got him down to his last 10% of health on the final round before he got the better of me. He immediately quit thereafter… the dang chicken. :p

    Can’t explain how happy watching this video made me. Karma, you punk!

  • I’ve never been particularly fond of these fighters which include ballistic weapons and magical fireballs and shit. It just begs spamming. And not only that I feel tht it cheapens the experience. Speaking of spamming, both players are equally guilty of it throughout this match.

    Give me Bushido Blade, Fight Night, Kings of Kung Fu or Blade Symphony any day. Anything with a complex yet intuitive control scheme, none of the bullshit ballistics and magic and a variety of fighting styles, which add depth to the combat and really make you think on your feet.

    Maybe I’m just old, bitter and twisted.

  • UltraChenTV had the perfect answer to this article on their latest Tuesday Show. Worlds–Apart needs to learn from the lame master J Wong and his match with asianlamb.

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