Netflix: Australia's Internet Is Pretty Bad Compared To The Rest Of The World

We seriously need to step up out game: New Zealand has better internet than Australia. What's going on here?

On its blog Netflix revealed its ISP Speed Index, naming and shaming Australia's worst ISPs for Netflix, and pretty much confirming what we all know: Australia has some pretty bad internet.

Compared to the 29 countries currently using Netflix, Australia is ranked 19, behind New Zealand which is sitting pretty at 14.

According to Netflix, however, there is room for improvement. Higher than expected consumer demand for the Netflix service apparently impacted these numbers a bit, so we can expect better performance going forward.

But for those of you who want to check out which ISPs are running best on Netflix, you can check it out below...

Rank Provider Average speed (Mbps) Services offered
1 TPG 3.36 ADSL, NBN
2 Optus 3.27 ADSL, NBN, Cable
3 iiNet 3.24 ADSL, NBN, Cable
4 Primus 3.03 ADSL, NBN
5 Exetel 2.56 ADSL, NBN
6 Dodo 2.29 ADSL, NBN
7 Telstra 2.23 ADSL, NBN, Cable

Table via Lifehacker


    This is a government that just spent 12 billion dollars on fighter jets instead of fixing the problems with communication (including mobile and internet), health, etc.

    The title needed to start with "Shocking Reveal!:"

    According to, its "Netflix says Australia has good internet".


      God dammit. And guess which site has higher readership?

      I wonder if the author of that headline is just incompetent, or actually morally bankrupt.

      Last edited 13/05/15 8:26 am

    I'm with Internode (iiNet) and can only use ADSL (no 2+) and for some reason I can stream multiple HD videos at the same time. I still have bad internet everywhere else (max 2mb/s on Steam) but streaming (whether it's Netflix or YouTube) is fine!

    Optus cable super fast plan, running a vpn to get US netflix, not uncommon to see the buffering window pop up.......

    Last edited 15/05/15 9:34 am

    So unless Australia gets with it regarding the Internet infrastructre business and education et al. will lag. I am today attempting to do an online course and to watch a video on the course that is only 6 minutes long it has only loaded about 35% in the past 2 minutes. I even have time to write this comment. This is woeful it is not even the HD version. We have an unlimited Optus package we do not even have access to NBN and live within 2K of Adelaide. This is dreadful for a developed country, I really do wonder how this country has done as well as it has with the successive governments in office, no forward planning always reactionary and certainly they have wasted millions on rebranding this NBN - its laughable.

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