New League Of Legends System Wants To Reform Bad-Mouthers

New League Of Legends System Wants To Reform Bad-Mouthers

Riot Games' latest attempt to help stop jerk League of Legends players from being such jerks isn't a different type of ban, it's a potentially helpful piece of feedback.

The new system, which started in North America yesterday, is based on report cards. When a player is flagged as having displayed "negative behaviour", the game is able to whip up a chat log, highlight what went wrong and show the offending player exactly what they said that resulted in the punishment (along with notification of their punishment) in a "report card".

All in the hopes that by actually showing people what they said that upset another player, they will be able to take note and avoid doing so in the future.

Called "instant feedback", Riot says it will target "homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats, and other forms of excessive abuse".

If testing goes well in North America over the next few days, it will go live across all regions.

We've seen Riot's efforts in punishing hostile users and researching means of encouraging players...this kind of reform work adds yet another approach to the studio's war against arseholes in one of the biggest games on the planet.


    Thing is, people don't accidentally call someone a racial slur or go into a profanity filled tirade. It will likely not stop those that already breach to rules set in place by Riot. It is a solution that really does nothing to change the fact that people, behind a wall of anonymity, are bastards.

    Really happy about the new system, every few games you get someone who's a bit of an arsehole, but about one in ten or so you get someone who is toxic as hell, telling you to kill yourself and such. Looking forward to them all being banned.

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    I feel it is a step in the right direction though =)

    An extra level of accountability for those who don't want to play nice and intentionally troll who may as well be playing a different game altogether.

    Can't they just have an option to "opt in" to play with immature people? trash talk is 90% of the fun that comes from online gaming (as long as you're not a soft cock that takes things too seriously). all this community policing has been ruining online gaming for me.

    Ok, parents, this isn't a tough fix here, if your kid has a potty mouth, go old school and stick a bar of soap in his/her mouth for 30 minutes for each infraction. Problem solved. It certainly worked on my kids and I only had to do it a couple of times.

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