New Need For Speed Is A Complete Reboot

New Need For Speed Is A Complete Reboot

Electronic Arts has formally announced the new Need For Speed, which appears to be taking some serious cues from Need For Speed Underground, and is a "full reboot" for the series. Here's the teaser.


    Almost looked like a redo of Porsche unleashed for a moment there. Nope!

    And let us not forget that EA murdering Criterion is what led to this reboot.

    *salutes the fallen*

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      *joins you in salute*

      (having said that, I am hopeful that this reboot might be awesome... I hope, right?)

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      You didn't like Porsche Unleashed? I had a lot of fun with it. Until fairly recently I still dug it out every year or so, but it's hard to get running these days.

        I did like it, I was lamenting the fact that this isn't anything like it!

        Unleashed was way too "simmy" to be a typical nfs game, but its distinct uniqueness was much appreciated.

        And the criterion games were also great, and their port of most wanted for the Wii u was exceptional in spite of EA's best efforts to quash it.

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          Ooooh... I misinterpreted "nope" to mean "It looks like PU, so Nope, don't want it" :-)

          Everything you say gets my seal of approval. For whatever that's worth.

    I'm hoping its nothing like the NFS most wanted "remake"

      Just give me a proper Most Wanted sequel. God I loved that game...

        You already got your Most Wanted remake. Now shoosh and let us big boys have our NFSU2 remake.

          Exactly! Finally an Underground reboot. Cannot wait!

          The MW remake was not a proper sequel. It felt empty and spent more time in menus than actually racing.
          And for the record I actually liked U1 and U2 (more so U2 than U1) so I want this too, but I dont want a MW-remake-like Underground

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          Big boys......? Sure....

    I don't quite understand how they can call it a reboot (other then just the use of the name without a sub-title) as realistically aren't all NFS games reboots? Aside form some that got direct sequels, all the games had different styles / stories / features.

    EDIT: Or am I taking this too literal and by reboot the devs are just saying the last few years are crap so by calling it a reboot we can pretend it didnt happen?

    Speaking of sequels, unless this is like Underground then pass. Haven't had all that much fun with a NFS since the Underground games.

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      I'm kind of the opposite, I loved Need for Speed until Underground... Hot Pursuit 2, so good

        Yep, I am so with you on this one, I loved the arcade feel of them. Most car games now you need to start off with some entry level thing and spend at least 5-10 hours working your way up before you drive anything good. Also I personally thought it was a pretty good era for supercars, but there have been some very good cars come out in the last couple of years since the financial crisis is mostly behind us.

      I'm with you. If it's not going to be like Underground 1-2 then I will just have to hope that Rockstar will release another Midnight Club....

        I'd love to see a midnight club mod for GTA V. That would be insane.

          Yeah! I wish all the GTA V cars had way more customisation!

      I thought the former as well, but I think what they mean by reboot is not what you think they mean by a reboot. I.e. DmC's reboot resets the canon — NFS isn't resetting canon; it's just resetting and revamping its internal development infulstructure— since most of the NFS games borrow from the prior one and build off of it. This one won't be doing that.

      Also, Criterion has already tried to win us back by pandering the days of yore to us — even though I preferred the Underground series over the Most Wanted & Carbon series— I can't see it being smart for GhostGames to come out and use the same tactic: ''No, but you see, this time we actually mean it!''. So they're being more assertive about themselves and their vision by saying they were completely reworked and reinvented from the ground up and came into this with a completely fresh perspective. And while they are taking subtle overtones from the Underground series, they want you to know that it isn't its selling point, hence, it's a reboot to retain its appeal.

    Nice. Underground was (IMO) the best entry in the series...

    underground was alot of fun. The soundtrack was also a banger

      Yeah, loved the soundtrack for U1 and U2. Got me into several new bands because of that.

    I loved Criterion's NFS Hot Pursuit... I think that may be the only game I've ever got a platinum trophy on. That's about the only NFS game I ever enjoyed, though.

      Hot Pursuit was good, but I thought their follow up, Most Wanted, took everything great about that game and made it better, also managing to get rid of things I didn't enjoy like the solo time trials where you're punished for hitting anything. Not smashing into things doesn't suit my play style. Which some might call "crap". I prefer "aggressive".

      The last game though, Rivals, I just can't get into. While not technically a Criterion game they obviously modeled it on those entries. But I really don't enjoy the focus on country racing over city.

    Come on spiritual successor to Underground 2.....

    Or go back to the roots and allow me to drive a toilet with a horn that flips everyone over.


    EA living on the edge.

      All footage captured in game is such a rubbish statement. By in game we meant we captured this cinematic trailer that is in the game and showed it to you.....sigh.

    Not buying unless there's split screen!

    Loved underground.
    Now that car mechanic simulator 2015 is out- the bar has been leveled again further.
    I really hope that this game merges the two concepts together to some extent.
    Would be so sweet :)

    I will remember this trailer when the game is released, then bitch about how it doesnt look as good !. You mark my words!

      haha, but its from EA so that the default expectation.

    I have a friend that was consulted in making this game. It'll be heavy on the modifications and real modifications at that. plus adjusting camber and slamming cars... sounds like a good game from what I've heard.

    EA, I would like a HD remake of Burnout 3: Takedown & Burnout Revenge please!

      I've been playing Revenge on a PS2 emulator recently. It's still a lot of fun, and the graphical boost is nice.

      I started off trying to play it on my PS2, but everything was so blurry I honestly couldn't work out what was road and what was a giant concrete pillar that was going to kill me. I dunno how we managed to play it back in the day.

      Burnout 3: Takedown remains my favourite racing game to this day.

    Underground 3 or gtfo.

    Someone should run the trailer through youtubes video stabilisation

    i loved underground 1.
    but the one i had the most fun with was Most Wanted - the 2005 version.

    please let me score insane drift points in some little front wheel drive hatchback with neons and spoilers!

    NFSU2 was the game most of my friends played alot at school ect hope it lives up to U2

    Give me a racer with Forza Motorsports mechanics, a map larger than Test Drive Unlimited, engine sounds from Project Cars, and the ability to import my own music into the game, and I'll never have to buy another racing game ever.

    Good. I hope this NFS isn't another reskined burnout.

    Can't possibly be worse than project cars......looks good, worst gameplay ever!

    How can NFS be a 'reboot' if it's never had any continuity between titles?

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