Nintendo's E3 Plans Include A World Championship Comeback

Nintendo's E3 Plans Include A World Championship Comeback

Nintendo has announced its E3 plans: the Nintendo World Championships are coming back after 25 years. What?! The championships are on June 14. The company will also have a "Nintendo digital event" on June 16 at 9am PDT (June 17, 2am AEST), and its Treehouse group will return with another set of all-day livestreams.

Yes, Nintendo's event is at the same time as Square Enix's press conference. Dual livestream!

You gotta love this logo too.

Nintendo's E3 Plans Include A World Championship Comeback

Here's how it's actually going to work, according to Nintendo:

On May 30, select Best Buy locations in major cities around the country will host qualifying tournaments for the Nintendo World Championships, which were last seen in 1990. The winners from each regional event, plus competitors invited by Nintendo, will meet on June 14, at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles for a multi-round Nintendo game competition. In the end, one player will be crowned the 2015 Nintendo World Champion. Fans in Los Angeles will have the opportunity to attend the tournament, while others can watch online. More details about the qualifying tournaments will be shared in the coming weeks.

The last championship was held in 1990, and you may remember this event helped in inspire the classic '80s movie, The Wizard. In the past, Nintendo created a cartridge/game specifically for the competition itself, but it's unclear how Nintendo will handle things in the digital age.

Here's a look at someone playing the cartridge from 1990:


    Reggie is just the best. around.

    Nothing's ever gonna keep him down.

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    this is going to be awesome, until they announce that the games are all rip offs of Mario party mini games.

    All together now!

    "You're a virtual tiger~ On the back of a big lion~! Which is riding a falcon~ That is flying through some fire~!"

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    I am missing the concept of a world championship here aren't I?
    Now off to watch some more WWE championship matches...

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