Nintendo Just Announced A New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game

More Pokemon to catch this summer.

Nintendo has revealed it's publishing a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. Hitting the 3DS in the US winter, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon will feature the series' signature randomly generated levels, along with the ability to use Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.


    It's not freemium! Yesss!

    I've never played a PMD game before, but I've heard good things about them, I'll probably pick this up if it doesn't suck.

      They're usually pretty fun, enough of a change from the norm for me to enjoy them.

    I just hope they listen to the majority of the fans and bring back the more meaningful stories and a better post-game.

    One thing I hope for is that they add more depth to they add more depth to the battle system.


    Seriously though, I've got high hopes for this. As in, if it doesn't make me ball my eyes out like Explrers of Sky did, then no purchase from me.

      Hell yeah, the Explorers of Sky, Time, and Darkness had an awesome storyline.

      I was moments away from buying the newest installment for the 3DS, but I was told the storyline was blah in comparison, so I gave it a miss.

        I think the 3DS version has a great ending, a decent storyline, and it's sorta cool that your character says a few things every now and then instead of being a Silent Simon. But there were a lot less Pokemon and not much post game content, plus, obviously, less starter Pokemon you could be. It was alright, but I'd take EoS over it any day.

        Here's hoping this one has a full blown story and isn't free to play.

      How will you know if it will make you bawl your eyes out until after you bought it?

        Well, I, um... See, the thing is... Uh... Because shut up. That's why.

    Edit: Whoops, posted this in the wrong place

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    I wonder if there'll be Mega-Evolutions.

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