Now Even Goat Simulator Is A Zombie Game

Now Even Goat Simulator Is A Zombie Game

In its unstoppable ascent to the upper echelons of the video game industry, weird-as-fuck indie game Goat Simulator is taking aim at the fiercest, most ubiquitous competition of all: zombie games. Watch out, Dying Light!

The game about being a goat is releasing a $US5 expansion this week called GoatZ that adds zombies into its already chaotic mixture. GoatZ is a reference to the much-hyped, always-in-development open-world zombie game DayZ. It also sounds suspiciously similar to goatse, which is a once-famous internet meme that depicts a man bending over and using both his hands to stretch his anus beyond what is normally thought to be a healthy or reasonable distance. I'm not going to link to that legendary image here, but you should google it if you're curious.

GoatZ has a very different kind of gore, as you can see in this silly trailer:

The expansion — out May 7th — promises everything a fan of modern zombies games could ask for. Heavy weaponry!

Now Even Goat Simulator Is A Zombie Game

Poorly animated zombies!

Now Even Goat Simulator Is A Zombie Game

It's even got a crafting system.

Now Even Goat Simulator Is A Zombie Game

OK, so GoatZ doesn't look very good. I suppose that's the whole point Coffee Stain Studios is getting at with this parody — that most, if not all, zombie games are actually bug-riddled messes. But I appreciate Goat Simulator all the more for the way it's becoming a tool to lampoon the mockable aspects of modern video games.

GoatZ will be available for PC, Mac and Linux on Thursday, May 7.


    You're suggesting people google goatse?

      In my many years of using the Internet, I have come across mention of this 'Goatse' meme, usually accompanied by comments of shock and "cannot unsee!" I've never been game to google it and had no idea what it was (although I did suspect it had something to do with bestiality).

      Thank you to the author of this article for finally explaining it without me needing to burn my eyes on the actual image.

        Basically it is the westnet logo.

      I made the mistake of looking once. That was 15+ years ago. I still see it with my waking eyes.

        There are a bunch of those shock sites. The lemon and tub are the other most well known ones and a smattering of others.

      There are two questions raised by goatse.
      1. He is wearing a wedding ring!?
      2. Who is taking the picture?!

    While you're all at it, you should totally google blue waffles...

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