Oculus Rift Will Go On Sale In 2016

Oculus Rift Will Go On Sale in 2016

The retail version of the Oculus Rift will be released in the first part of next year, Oculus VR revealed today.

According to Oculus.com, the retail version "builds on the presence, immersion and comfort of the Crescent Bay prototype with an improved tracking system that supports both seated and standing experiences, as well as a highly refined industrial design, and updated ergonomics for a more natural fit."

Oculus VR also released images of the retail headset, which you can see above and right below:

Oculus Rift Will Go On Sale in 2016

The final tech specs will be revealed next week, and pre-orders are expected to kick off later this year.


    I was planning to grab a devkit some time this year so I'm glad I held off.
    I hope the price stays around the same as before.

      Yeah for me it'll depend on price as I'm not sure how much use it'd get for me.

    Very interested to see the tech specs, with any luck they will have them at PAX Au this year to check out. I'm suspecting the FOV goggle effect will be the same, it will just be lighter, still, gimme gimme.

    I'm pretty ignorant about this stuff. But I know I want one.

    Would using an OR require a more powerful machine to run, less, or the same?

    I'm rocking an OC 780 atm and it's doing great, don't need that to change just yet.

      I assume you'd need more considering it has to render 2 separate displays at once.

        It should still be seen as one high resolution display, even if the CV1 has two physical displays in it.

        I've got a GTX760 and its pretty good with the DK2, but it won't be enough for the CV1. I'm already hitting points in Elite: Dangerous and GTAV where there is a noticeable FPS drop in sections which doesn't look too bad on a monitor but when thats pinned to your head...

      I'm running a 770 with the DK2 right now. No issues. Smooth as silk on Elite:Dangerous.

        The release version is higher resolution though, I think you will need a new gfx card.

    Have they released the recommended specs for this yet?

    Was looking at building a new PC in the next month of so but might hold off until closer to the release now.

    Asseto corsa + oculus YES PLEASE!

    Does anyone know if this will work if you have a lazy eye? I got totally short-changed on the whole 3D movie thing, since it requires both eyes to focus on the same point, and I reckon this will be no different.

    Curse you, mildly annoying but in no way debilitating disability!

      I'd contact Professor Robert F. Hess, he is the Director of Research at the Department of Ophthalmology, McGill University, Canada, and he has been working on restoring binocular vision to people with Amblyopia.
      In theory, offsets could be created to allow binocular 3D to work with the rift, where are you based? I'd be interested in working on this with you.

        So I did a little reading, and it turns out the optometrist I visited as a kid just had really lazy terminology, so i have a cross-eye rather than a lazy eye. Still screws my binocular vision, just in a different way.

      re lazy eye, i'm in same boat and DK2 works fine for me.

      I think it should still work, your vision would just end up being the same as it is in real life. Your eyes are still being presented with two separate images and should deal with that in pretty much the same way they do now (although there is a different with focal lengths, since the lenses set focus at infinity), but the stereoscopy is only one part of it. It's the large FOV and head-tracking (both of which 3D movies don't have) that would be more important.

    What's the switch/slider on the bottom? I've not seen that in other pics of the dev kits

      Mystery switch! Hasn't been on any of the dev kits. People are guessing it's for IPD adjustment, volume adjustment, other things I can't remember... should find out next week, hopefully.

        Functionless switch adjustment to make you feel like you're doing something?

        I've often thought that it'd be nice on VR headsets if there was some kind of static view switch option so you can effectively tab back to the desktop with it.

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