Off Topic: What's On Your Regular YouTube Watchlist?

Media these days is all about watching what we want to, when we want to. Preferably for free. And in the gaming space, A lot of the "cover everything" outlets (from websites to TV to print) can't compete with the level of depth of specialists on Youtube.

What specialists do you regularly go back to? Both in a gaming sense, and in general. Who makes you laugh, who provides insights, and who's worth watching?

It'll be no surprise I watch a bit of Dark Souls and Bloodborne content. For lore, VaatiVidya is king. EpicNameBro is great too, though has veered a little more towards the Let's Play stuff for my liking. Vageta was great too, back in the day, with stuff like his one-shot boss challenge.

It's just striking, and a little worrying for traditional media I think, that we just don't have anywhere near the time to delve into these games at the same level. Not every gamer needs that level of depth in their content, but if I'm into a game at all, I want to go straight to the person who really knows what they're talking about.

As for non-gaming stuff, La Liga has a Youtube channel now, and is thus one of my regulars. It's finally easy to see some high quality highlights for Barca.

I've been doing some GameMaker stuff, and have found the tutorials of Rm2kdev (another Aussie) very useful.

Actually, going through my list I've realised how bare it is. How about you?

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    Scott Manly, KSP!

      Flyyy Safe!

        Sometimes i give my Kerbals Scottish accents as they do things, and say "Hullo!"

          Did you guys notice how Mr Manley has been toning it down? In his recent trip back home, it's like his accent thickened... and the Ayes certainly had it. He was about a kerbalwidth away from a good "Stitch this, Jimmy!"


      Been watching Frankieonpcin1080p for ages and JackFrags occasionally, but Jack releases videos more regularly than Frankie.

    Jim Sterling
    Yahtzee Croshaw
    movie trailers
    Team Coco
    a bunch of random game & movie reviewers & some 90s anime channels that put up full movies, bad dubbing & all! :D

    I'm subscribed to stuff on youtube, but without an offline download option I can't really keep up with it all.

      That would be amazing!

        They let you download Play movies/tv shows, so why not extend that to youtube videos and then just make them self delete after 48 hours like the rentals do.

          you can do this with third party apps pretty easily. thats what i do with my Windows phone is just download a bunch of youtube videos over wifi so i can watch them on the train to work in the morning.

      Look up "4K Video Downloader"

        I know there are downloaders, but I want something in the Android youtube app itself.

          You can do this somehow. My cousin downloads a few gigs every night to watch throughout the day. I know this because one time his dad left his smartphone hotspot active and got a big bill.

          Not in the youtube app, but there is an app, I think it's called "tubemate". I haven't used it for a while, but from memory it's pretty good.

    The Gaming Lemon and TypicalGamer are the two gaming channels I follow. CVG is also alright sometimes.

    Mighty Car Mods is the best channel on the Tube though.

    Marques Brownlee
    Mighty Car Mods
    Bad Lip Reading
    Honest Trailers (after I've seen the movie)

    I'm not on YT that much

    Sexual lobster
    Game theory (not what it used to be)
    Did you know gaming
    Did you know anime
    Blacklightattack (best streamer Eva!)

      support Sexual Lobster, our crazy aussie superstar!

      I swear to schmod, the day I signed up for game theory it went boring

    Have a whole bunch of Battlefield subs though I don't watch it anymore.
    Lots of World of Tanks stuff but I only really watch Foch/Quickybaby and Jingles' content
    World of Warships I can't go past iChase's vids.
    Racespot/Empty Box for my iRacing needs.

    That's about it

    Acheivement Hunter
    Pat the NES Punk

      I'm surprised I got this far down the comments list before seeing AH...pretty much all I watch on youtube apart from Fail Army. Not a heavy youtuber...I watch about 10-20 minutes a day max if I'm lucky.

    Rooster Teeth
    Achievement Hunter
    The Know
    Angry Joe
    The Young Turks
    Chris Stuckmann

    All I really watch nowadays is YouTube. And True Detective.


    Super Best Friends Play (their Bloodborne LP is amazing)
    Total Biscuit - Gaming news and info
    Jesse Cox - LP's
    Robbaz - Lets Plays
    Smarter Everyday - Science
    Vsauce - Science/Geek stuff
    Its Ok to be Smart - Science
    Slomo Guys - Science?
    Glove and Boots - Skits with puppets.
    ASAP Science - Science
    Mental Floss - Science
    Minute Earth - Science
    Minute Physics - Science
    Tested - Science and Tech

    Cinemassacre (Angry Video Game Nerd)
    Super Best Friends Play
    Angry Joe
    Lazy Game Reviews
    Good Game
    Pat the NES Punk

    KindaFunny + KindaFunnyGames
    Nintendo Collecting (Lithium017)
    The Comedy Button
    Matt Lees

    Last edited 26/05/15 11:45 am

    roosterteeth/letsplay - good gaming videos.

    TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, some Yogscast channels and Geek and Sundry are my current subscriptions.

    Honest trailers
    HISHE (How it should have ended)
    Movie fights - but Andy Signor is starting to piss me off.
    And anytime Neil DeGrasse Tyson does a video.

    Well let's see *opens subscription page*

    Angry Joe
    Anime Vice
    Arm Chair Directors
    Bad Lip Reading
    Belated Media(Hasn't released anything in a long time(
    Chris Stuckmann
    Cinephillia Anonymous
    Corridor Digital
    Cox 'n' Crendor
    Daym Drops
    Disco The Parakeet
    EMC Monkeys
    Errant Signal
    Geek and Sundry
    Giant Bomb
    Glove and Boots
    Happy Dragon Pictures
    Harry Partridge
    Jesse Cox
    Jim Sterling
    JonTron Show
    Lazy Game Reviews
    Simon's Cat
    Smarter Every Day
    Smooth McGroove
    Super Beard Bros
    Super Bunnyhop
    That One Video Gamer
    The Slow Mo Guys
    The Warp Zone

      Pretty much my subs list too, if you ad Rooster Teeth and their Lets Play channel and Funhaus.

    - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter's various shows incl. Slow Mo Guys
    - Don Shipley's Phony Navy Seal of the Week (at least up until recently when he started his own pay site to prevent false DMCA takedowns from people he's exposed)
    - GIFs with Sound

    That's about it. I used to watch a few other channels but I don't really watch anything regularly anymore. In a lot of cases I remain subscribed in the hopes they might put up new content at some point.

    did you know gaming

      Oh yeah, me too.

      They're good for introducing other interesting channels too :-)

    TotalBiscuit - general games info and industry commentary.
    Jim Sterling - a good counterbalance to TB's political correctness.
    Yahtzee Croshaw - just recently started watching his Zero Punctuation stuff... I have a lot to catch up on.
    Riff Repeater - Rocksmith DLC previews, so I know what I'm getting into.
    Andrew JRT - Clueless Guardians is usually pretty hilarious.

      I mainlined Zero Punctuation when my wife & son were away.
      all this free game time & I spent it listening to someone whine about games XD

        I keep having to pause it every few minutes so I can recover enough to continue paying attention - I usually get about halfway through a video before I'm cacking myself too much to continue. XD

        I liked him initially but these days he just seems so forced and like he's trying too hard.

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