Oh Hey, A New Xbox One Controller With A Headphone Jack

Oh Hey, a New Xbox One Controller with a Headphone Jack

The PS4's DualShock 4 has a headphone jack that allows you to plug whatever headphones into the controller. The Xbox One's controller, however, only has proprietary port. Make that, only had.

As revealed on the Xbox Support website (via Eurogamer), an upcoming version of the Xbox One controller will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Here's the blurb in question:

3.5-mm port (16). Used to connect compatible 3.5-mm audio devices. Only available on controllers released after June 2015.

The current controller doesn't have a 3.5mm jack and needs an adaptor, which is around US$25.

Oh Hey, a New Xbox One Controller with a Headphone Jack

The Xbox Support page also has images of the controller. All of the other features, including the design and shape, appear to be the same as on the current model. But, with E3 right around the corner, new features could be revealed. Or not.

Oh Hey, a New Xbox One Controller with a Headphone Jack

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft for more information on this controller.


    Too bad the adapter doesn't work with my Turtlebeach X41. Might finally have a reason to buy a second controller.
    Currently, If I want to talk to friends, I have to put sound through my speakers like a causal.
    And Spoons is anything but casual.

    Last edited 31/05/15 2:24 pm

    I hope this doesn't mean they stop producing the current controllers in favour of these. My biggest issue with the PS4 controller is that there is no puck for volume control and muting. I end up having to use annoying in-line controls on the headset itself. Meanwhile the puck for the XBOX One has not just mute and volume control right at my thumb tips, but the ability to change the headset/game audio mix as well.

      Each and their own I guess. I actually hated how bulky my controller became and usually just unplug it out

        Fair enough. I've just never really understood that. It's empty space and the puck doesn't weigh anything major. I'd much rather a little lump in the void than a dangling in-line volume control I have to take my hands of the gamepad to use.

      Argh you're right. I've always hated the extra cable. But once it's gone - so are my much needed mute controls - or at least they'll have moved up onto the cable. Grr.

      Isn't there a voice command for that? "Xbox mute" or something?

        XBOX mute will mute the TV, not the microphone (works great when someone walks in the room to say something).

      Same here! Whilst I think the 'puck' could be better designed, I do hope that they keep it. Muting and volume control need to be on hand. I got bad hayfever, so being able to mute when I sneeze is a godsend for both me and the people on the other end lol

        Yeah, with the 360 I used the switch like a Push-to-Talk button. I kept it on mute all the time and then when I wanted to say something I'd flick the switch, talk, then flick it back. Now it defaults to on when you plug the headset in I'm paranoid that I'm going to become the guy who sits there breathing loudly through his mouth all match with the mic sensitivity set to max. =S

    Now the other controllers almost have audio parity with the Wii u. :P

    Oh how they bitched and moaned when the gamepad took wired headsets...

    Last edited 28/05/15 9:22 pm

      I love that so many games automatically mute the TV sound if you plug into the gamepad.

    Oh come on, Brian! You just spoiled one of Microsoft's megaton announcements for E3!


      Yeah or they could take the Sony route and slander the competition, must've worked with all the impressionable children that own ps4s

      *better trollface*

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