One Of The Craziest Starcraft II Endings We'll Ever See

One Of The Craziest Starcraft II Endings We'll Ever See

Overnight, we got a whole bunch of tips about one of the closest professional StarCraft II matches people had ever seen, played last night during a tournament in South Korea.

And although all we can find online right now is a highlight clip from the end of the match (h/t Dallas), I must say, the hype is totally justified.

First, some context: what we're watching is a Terran vs. Zerg match between two professional players. Over the course of the game, they mined out the entire map and destroyed each other's armies and bases. (That purple stuff you see all across the map is creep, a terrain modification that Zerg players can generate to make their units go faster. It doesn't count as part of your base.)

The red Terran player, Fantasy, is totally out of money but still has a big cluster of buildings on the bottom of the map. His one remaining unit is a cloaked banshee that can only be revealed by detector units until it runs out of energy.

The blue Zerg player, Soo, has a ton of flying units but is almost totally out of both money and buildings. A StarCraft II match ends when one player loses all of his or her buildings.

OK. Watch:

Holy shit. "Insane ending" is right. (We'll update this article when there's footage of the full match.)


    Geo blocked. Anyone post a link?

    It would be so funny if he macro'ed a bit more on the hatchery (having abit too much fun) and ended up resulting in the Banshee running out of energy.

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