One Thing Not Changing At DC Comics: Batman Kicking Superman's Arse

One Thing Not Changing at DC Comics: Batman Kicking Superman's Arse

Superman isn't as tough as he used to be. There's a new guy calling himself Batman. You know what that means: it's time for a classic superhero misunderstanding fight where the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight throw down again.

Like it's been doing for the last few weeks, DC Comics is putting out free previews of the comics that will be hitting stands after their placeholder Convergence event ends this month. Most of the ones they have offered this week are forgettable or not exciting enough to talk about. But the preview of the Batman/Superman title gives me more reason to get psyched about the upcoming status quo shifts happening with the company's two biggest characters.

(Spoilers follow. Hover over the top left of each image and click on the magnifying glass icon to expand it.)

In case you haven't heard, the new Batman is going to be Commissioner Jim Gordon, wearing a darkly-hued suit of power armour. And Superman's power levels will be lower than they have been in decades, not great for a superhero whose secret identity is due to be exposed to the world. So, of course, when Kal-El hits Gotham — sporting a new look himself — on the trail of super-powered bad guys, he runs into Batman. It's not a happy reunion.

One Thing Not Changing at DC Comics: Batman Kicking Superman's Arse

The end of the teaser holds a big surprise that heralds even more twists for the relationships between DC's major heroes and villains. Of course, fights between Batman and Superman are nothing new. But the reason this new rivalry stands to be different and worth paying attention to is because of the changes that are coming.

One Thing Not Changing at DC Comics: Batman Kicking Superman's Arse

This won't be super-smart, super-rich Bruce Wayne trying to pummel Superman; it will be a cop who's been awed by or wary of the Kryptonian for years. And this isn't a Superman who can necessarily shrug off a nuke anymore. A few good punches from the new batsuit could take him down. I keep telling myself that I should know better to be excited about this stuff but I can't help it.


    A positive opinion about DC from Evan... these are the end days.

    However they try to change him up superman has always been and will always be the most uninteresting character in comics. Besides DC peaked when Val Kilmer was Batman. There was only ever down from that point

      Big fan of the Bat-nips eh? They were quite literally the 'peak' of Batman for you? I see...

        Wasn't Clooney bat-nips. val was stupid riddles ?

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      Oh man, I get moist whenever I think about Val Kilmer... the Batman! *shifty eyes*

    You want to surprise me, DC? Have Batman take on someone above his pay-grade, and make Batman the one who gets smacked about like a punk. At this point, he's tougher than Superman... and that's just stupid. (Hell, he was probably at that point when he smacked Darkseid in the face and lived to talk about it. He's supposed to be a normal human, remember?)

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      Yeah. I get why they do it, if Superman loses to Batman he can walk it off, but if Batman loses to Superman, even a weakened Superman, he's straight up dead. However it's just boring when they play this up like a battle of titans when one side can't lose. People give Aquaman crap for being useless, but they didn't have to make an unwritten rule for the universe that nobody is allowed to hurt him. Doomsday can beat the snot out of Aquaman but he's not allowed to touch Batman. =P
      At least in this case it's New Superman vs Mecha Gordon. The power suit levels the playing field a little and writers/fans are willing to let Gordon be imperfect. It might be a decent match-up, although there's still the matter of the writers trying to make a name for their Superman by proving that he's weak.

      Personally I'd love to see them do the usual thing of having Batman use some Lex Luthor scheme to nullify Superman's powers, but instead of having Superman cry at the first punch have powerless Clark Kent knock Batman on his ass. It takes a crazy amount of control and discipline to wield that level of power, so you'd expect some of it to carry over. I think that'd shock fans a whole lot more than these predictable fights.

        Precisely. Batman is the most popular. Ergo, Batman will not lose.

        Batman's invincibility is laughably attributed to his intelligence. He is literally SO SMART that no-one could possibly catch him by surprise or unprepared... lol.

          Except Bane is smarter. Or at least he's supposed to be.

            As I remember, Bane and at least 10 others. But that was back before Geoff Johns was given carte blanche, so it's probably non-canon after Flashpoint.

        For the sheer number of Supes-level villains he's fought, it makes sense for Clark to know some actual moves.

        So yeah, have Commissioner Batman get spanked for under-estimating a de-powered Clark... "blah blah blah, lesson about arrogance, welcome to the club."

    Not a big fan of batman vs superman, I don't mind though.

    Would love to see batman vs an evil robin brainwashed by the joker.

    I'm thinking the power armour means Batman can lose now. Superman whales on him and ends up ripping Gordon from the armour and tossing him aside - alive but defeated. Could be a good set up a for a new chapter of respectful association between the two...

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