Our First, All-Too-Brief Look At The New Doom

Looks like those demons are getting serious upgrades, huh?

It’s only a teaser — and may not be gameplay — but the short clip above represents the first glimpse of the next instalment in Id’s legendary shooter franchise. Publisher Bethesda will be showing more (be kinda hard to show less) at E3 next month.


      • It’s really not a hard concept. I mean, I’ve got over a hundred guns in my Payday 2 arsenal (heh, arse), and more than 95% of them have torch attachments. It’s not rocket science, and you can still have creepy atmosphere with them in the game. Get it together Doom!

        • It’s not that it can’t be done since so many games can attach lights to guns but it’s to add horror effect. To make you feel vunerable when you decide to pull out a flashlight ans see a monster appear right in front of you. I loved in Doom 3 that the flashlight was separate. In a panic you whack them with it then switch to a weapon and with the gun shot light they are revealed again. That’s why survival games are thetheway they are. To makss things hard amd fear for your survival. And Doom 3 did that perfectly. I’m hoping they don’t dumb down the game to appeal 12 year old COD fanboys..

        • This added it in the Game of the year edition, plus there were plenty of mods for it before then. YOU get it together 😛

  • Bad ass. none of my PC’s will probably run it, but I still look forward to this, fricking love the OG Dooms.. still haven’t finished Doom 3 though.. I keep seeing BFG edition go on sale for $5 more than the US so out of principle I keep refusing to buy it lol..

    On a side note, if anyone has the Doom boardgame or it’s expansion and want’s to offload it reply to me here! 🙂

    • Indeed. The first couple of serious Sam games captured the original doom style better than doom 3.

      • No way. The Serious Sam games totally lacked Doom’s excellent pacing. Soon rarely had wave after wave of enemies like those games do, it used that sparingly. Doom had plenty of quieter moments to break up the levels.

        Doom 3 is too different from the originals by lacking the larger open areas but Serious Sam is just as bad of an interpretation except in the opposite way.

      • if you had the duct tape mod for the PC Doom 3 wasn’t that bad. It had some good creepy moments, and I had fun playing it while my wife watched over my shoulder. I swear she scared me more times than the game.

          • I don’t know where the hate comes from either – I genuinely loved the game back in the day, and still love it now. I bought the PC version when it was released, but my PC at the time wouldn’t have a bar or it, so I waited patiently for the original Xbox version to be released (as well as the port of the expansion Resurrection of Evil). Loved both. Finally got around to playing the PC version years later, and it was still great, though I’m fairly convinced that some of the cuts made to the Xbox versions made them better games. They were truncated ever so slightly, but it worked wonders for the pacing. Still, I think any version of Doom 3 is a great game – it still feels refreshing to blast through them today. I’ve never had a problem with any version being too dark.

            It’s still kind of a marvel seeing the game running in the original Xbox format…

          • I think it’s just typical nostalgia hate. People always ignore bad things about old stuff when there is a sequel ten years or more later. In Doom’s case everyone complains about how dark it was, but play the original, equally as many dark areas. In fact some of my favourite sections from the original are levels where there are massive dark areas. I’m not saying that Doom 3 was perfect but this is a really common thing that people refuse to see problems in the old versions of stuff.

    • I thought Painkiller captured the spirit of Doom better than Doom 3. Cool guns, huge bad guys, and never-ending seas of enemies… might just have to go buy it again now.

  • As much as I like Doom, I’d be really bummed if this was Bethesda’s big E3 announcement.. come on fallout 4! *possible wishful thinking*

    • Doom will be a big part of it but Fallout 4 at the end of their conference…less than a month to find out now

      • they are going to do a “one more thing” before the walk off the stage and announce Half-Life Sims! an post apocalyptic expansion to Sims 4! you heard it here first folks!!

    • Fallout 4 will be at the conference, but Doom will be the focus with a beta in the weeks following E3 and a release in November. Fallout 4 is coming Q2 next year.

  • WooHoo… and the presser isn’t at some ungodly hour of the morning, 11am in Adelaide, 11:30 for yall in the east.

  • I hope they improve the UI and aiming to be crisp like most contemporary shooters. It was horrible in Doom 3! That was my only major complaint, really, aside from the endless corridors.

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