Our First Look At The Next Tony Hawk Game

Our First Look At The Next Tony Hawk Game

An article in the latest issue of Game Informer reveals that a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game is fast approaching. Let’s hope its not as sad as that last Tony Hawk game.

Here are the key details I gathered from Game Informer’s report:

  • It’s called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5.
  • Tony Hawk will be a playable character in the game.
  • It’s coming out on the PS4 and Xbox One “later in the year,” with last-gen versions to follow.
  • New additions include “power-ups” and “projectiles” that skaters can shoot during “specific missions.” Interesting…
  • There will be online competitive and cooperative multiplayer.

Projectiles and power-ups? I honestly don’t know what to make of that. Until we get more firm details about what this trigger happy Tony Hawk will play like, take a look at a few more screenshots from Game Informer’s piece to give you an idea of what Pro Skater 5’s skateboarding goodness will look like:

Read the full Game Informer article for more information and additional screenshots.


  • The idea of power-ups and projectiles does not fill me with confidence!
    I hope i’m wrong because I used to love these games once.

  • Tony Hawk Pro Kart Racing! just can’t wait till I take out the leader with a spikey blue deck, then kickflip over their rotting corpse with a Luigi death stare.

    the more I think about this the more I actualy like the idea of a downhill jam Mario kart style

  • New additions include “power-ups” and “projectiles” that skaters can shoot during “specific missions.”

    And it was sounding so good until then…

    So SKATE 4 when you happening?

    • Yes. MOAR SKATE. I’d love to see the return of the “one big area” layout, as opposed to the three separate areas, like Skate 3 was. It was so good in Skate 1 & 2 when you could literally manual from one side of the city to the other.

    • I would like an updated version of the original Skate Or Die with online multiplayer 🙂

          • lol, I remember that game, and think a new version would be pretty sweet. Actually as I think about it, the game would probably port fairly well to a mobile platform. I hate playing almost any game on my phone, but I could see this one being playable.

          • Can you remember all the out cries when it was released? People complaining (as usual) because they thought fans would start real life skitchin pretty sure some people did do it and someone died but i could be wrong.

          • oh it was going on before the game came out… not saying I ever did it… yeah… never…

  • Most of these screenshots basically sum up everything I now HATE about the Tony Hawk series.

    Agree with others, hopefully this will spur on a Skate 4 (or ‘Thrasher Skate & Destroy 2’, but I think that might be a little unlikely 🙂 )

  • It looks like a download-only title from those screenshots. Can’t say it’s screaming AAA-next gen, it just looks like a HD version of any other Tony Hawk game from the mid-late 2000’s.

    It’s crazy how quickly and unanimously everyone got over the Tony Hawk style of gameplay. Everyone LOVED it for 3-4 games and then suddenly everyone just got over it and now I have zero interest in playing any more ‘A to Ollie, X to flip, Y to grind’ kinda gameplay.

    I’d kill for a new Skate game though….

  • I’d be quite happy with a slightly tweaked and graphically enhanced version of Tony Hawks Underground. I’d pay 30 bucks for it anyway.

    And I have said this before and I will say it again. Make a new Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer. Immediately.

  • So.

    Are these screenshots from the android version?? looks like flat textures with some bump mapping applied..

  • Either Ace of Spades by Motorhead is on there of GTFO!

    Oh man, so many happy memories with this series. THPS3 would be up there with one of my fave gaming experiences ever.

  • There’s only one possible word that could kill my enthusiasm for a new THPS.

    Oh.. there it is… Robomodo.

    No sale.

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