Pac-Man Is Getting The Crossy Road Treatment

Pac-Man will be the next game tackled by Crossy Road developers Hipster Whale, as the two entities have just announced a partnership for a new mobile game due in 2015, entitled PAC-MAN 256.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like Hipster Whale has little desire to change the Crossy Road formula; it wasn't broken, and therefore doesn't need fixing. While Crossy Road functioned as an "endless Frogger", PAC-MAN 256 will play like an endless Pac-Man.

Instead of hopping across logs, you'll be making your way through the maze while avoiding ghosts. And instead of being chased by the eagle, you'll be chased by a glitchy wave. If I might be so bold as to make a risky prediction, I'd say the glitch will use the same kind of tension-building slow-down as it gets closer to you.

All up, it looks just one notch more complex than Crossy Road, and I don't doubt the Hipster Whale folks are capable of capturing that same sense of flow. Crossy Road quickly shot to the #1 spots on various marketplaces, and for good reason. Here's hoping this one is just as addictive.


    Konami is saved!

    Pssshhh, kojima who?

    Last edited 25/05/15 12:42 pm

      Eh? Not getting this reference - Pacman is from Namco... unless something went over my head that I didnt read in the article...

        Hahaha, I had a total brain fart! I was thinking of frogger. :p


          Happens to us all

          In the words of Timon: "Lay down before you hurt yourself!"

    Love that they are embracing the glitch. Clever.

      Dammit, I am failing today. Disregard this...

      Last edited 25/05/15 1:14 pm

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